Monday, March 2, 2009

No Rest For The Weary

(No, this isn't me, obviously, but it easily could be.)

What. A. Week.

I'm so glad it's over.

My fingers are raw from typing, my eyes bugged out from staring at a computer screen all day, every day.

I am emotionally and physically exhausted, and ready for a break.

I'm glad that now that I'm done with my deadline and have one month of this job under my belt, that I now know exactly how NOT to do this job. Procrastination = very bad things.

Today I will be spending my time deciding whether to catch up on some much needed sleep (I hit my deadline at 3:30 this morning), do some much needed house cleaning, or treat myself to some much needed do-whatever-I-want time.

I'll probably sleep.


tharker said...

Sleep sounds perfect!

Dandee said...

I vote sleep. What could be better than a nice long nap this chilly rainy Monday?

Lauren said...

I hope you get a super long nap! Love you!

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

Well despite it all, congratulations on completing the first month!

When can we look forward to seeing the fruits of your labor on display somewhere?

Noelle said...

nap it up.
congrats on the first month done. can't wait to see your stuff in print.

JenFielding said...

What a dumb job. You should quit and write your novel full time.

Shayla said...

Sorry to be the one to wake you up this morning calling about carpools! Glad to hear you met your deadline, though...even if it was in the middle of the night.