Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Happy Birthday


Today is my mom's birthday. Here are some interesting facts about her:
  1. When she was a kid, ker brother tried to jump through the swing she was swinging on on his horse and the horse kicked her in the nose, knocking her unconscious and breaking her nose.
  2. She is a master flower gardener and would prefer to do it over pretty much anything else.
  3. She is also a master quilter, seamstress, knitter, crocheter, baker, cook, you name it.
  4. She has a gorgeous singing voice and has never had a lesson.
  5. She is the middle of six kids, the oldest being ten years older and the youngest being ten years younger.
  6. Her husband has always been her very best friend. She calls him "Richie."
  7. She LOVES Hawaii and goes whenever she can.
  8. Her favorite color has always been blue.
  9. She has always said that she hopes in heaven she is put in charge of flowers and music.

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