Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'd Like To Thank the Academy

The chairperson of the Academy of Bloggies (they're like the Oscars of Blogging Awards) called and I have been nominated for the "Lamest Blog" category!!! Woohoo!! I can harldy believe it!! The other nominees are: "A Day in the Life of my Toaster" and "The Wit and Wisdom of My Elbows" blogs. I think I have a fighting chance! I'd like to thank, well, my life for being so unbelievably monotonous and uneventful that I never have anything funny or interesting to write about! I couldn't do it without you. No, no, don't play the music! I have to thank my lack of creativity and my motivation to blog that has recently gone missing. And of course, the Academy. You love me!!! You really love me!!!

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