Wednesday, May 2, 2007


My kids aren't constantly saying witty things, or even things that crack me up, really. But for some reason they both said something within two days of each other that I felt was worthy of blogging. Sorry for those of you who've heard it.

We've been reading scriptures every night as a family, something that is, sadly enough, new to us. We're slooooowly making our way through 1 Nephi and have recently been reading the chapter where Nephi and his brothers are trying to obtain the brass plates. During said time, Payson is sprawled out on the floor, rolling around, playing with his trains, talking to himself, etc. while the rest of us, including Macy, are having a nice gospel discussion. I felt that even if he wasn't absorbing anything, he would at least have memories of having family scripture study daily and we would be setting the example.
Well, at church on Sunday he was getting antsy during Sacrament Mtng. so Bill pulled out of his scripture bag a flipchart thing he's had in there ever since his mission. It has the pretty basic pictures in it. I began asking Payson, "Who's this?" to which he would respond the correct answer. Picture of Christ? "Jesus." Portrait of Joseph? "Joseph Smiff." Picture of Joseph in the sacred grove? "Laban." No hesitation. Besides the hilarity of the fact that he called Joseph Smith Laban, I was in utter shock and amazement that he had even picked up on the name Laban. They really are listening!

The next morning Macy was waiting patiently at the table for her breakfast. As I poured her cereal, I listened to her occupy herself in her usual way by turning the nearest objects into dolls and creating a situation where a guy and girl are getting married. This time it was Crayons, and there was an added character, I'm assuming Maid of Honor. She had chosen a blue one for the man, of course, and red for the woman, obviously. I wasn't paying much attention until this part of the conversation caught my ears:

Macy using high voice for woman: "Well, does she even speak English?"
Low voice for man: "No."
High voice again: "Well, then why did you marry her?"
Low voice: "Because she's pretty."

I about died. All great relationships are based on physical appearences, despite the communication barrier right?

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