Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The world at your fingertips. Never have there been truer words. We live in an amazing time, when there is nothing we can't find out by tapping a few keys. For someone like me, who wants what I want NOW, Google is the greatest invention known to man. I can't even describe how empowering it feels to know that there is no question raised that I can't find the answer to in a matter of seconds. Google seriously has to top my list of things I can't live without. Besides the wealth of information, I love how their logo changes with whatever season or event is going on.

Here is a list of just some of the millions of things I've Googled:

> swollen uvula
> eyelash pulling
> Juno movie quotes
> definition of the word "macabre"
> Weight Watcher points for IHOP
> symptoms of a brain tumor
> pictures of Robert Pattinson's hair
> symptoms of TMJ
> Sharing Time ideas
> answer to hotel riddle
> filming dates for Twilight
> tour dates for Phantom of the Opera
> lyrics to a Britney Spears song
> hotels in Forks
> synonym for the word "intense"
> causes of headaches
> how to reattach a severed limb
(okay, that last one was a joke)

To name a few. What have you Googled?


Kris said...

This post is hilarious. I love your list of things that you've googled. One thing that I googled was converting applesauce for oil, in a recipe. It actually worked too.

Love your sidebar, "Watch me get skinny." Love how you guys are doing Weight Watchers. That's so fun.

Dandee said...

I use google everyday. I couldn't live without it either. Today, I googled "toy storage." Which sounds pretty boring, but it brought up a ton of great ideas!

I also really love Wikipedia. Almost as much as Michael Scott.

Jessica said...

I couldn't live without it either! Everytime one of my kids ask me something I don't know the answer to (which seems to be a lot!) I always say "let's google it." Now instead of asking me a question they say "can we google....

At the open house for Shayla's class her teacher startred out by saying we live in a world where we don't have to remember anything because of google (so, so true) so I want to make learning fun so the students will want to remember it. LOVE HER!

Nicole said...

Whenever I make a certain dish at our house, I always have to google "how long do you boil chicken?" It always produces. We are huge google fans at our house!

Davis Family said...

I am one of those idiots who has to be super careful what they type into the google space. If I am going to have a get together with my friends I might google "adult games" and you can guess what kind of stuff comes up.

And speaking of Michael Scott...are we going to be watching The Office at your house for card night? (some of us dont have a DVR yet and kind of like the show....)

debsters said...

Lately everything I've googled has been pregnancy related. I also do a lot of recipe searches.

Alicia said...

Brenda- Yes!! We will watch it! I'm so glad you're coming, I was worried no one would show.

(For those of you reading this wondering what you weren't invited to, it's our ward card swap night.)

meohmyers said...

Google is indeed a staple over here at this house, too! Too many things to list that I've googled. My kids are always wanting to google things, too. So funny that they already know so many things about computers.

Ms. Kristen said...

I like to type in old boyfriends names and see if I can find them! Ha!
As of late, it is a great homework tool.....thank goodness none of us need to buy Encylopedias! They took up way too much space and we spend hours searching for things!
U.S. Presidents was our latest search!

Ms. Kristen said...

Oh, Yeah! Good job on the weight loss! Are those your piggies? Cute!

Alicia said...

Kristen- No, those are NOT my toes! My toes are no where near that normal looking. You'd know if those were my toes, because they'd be twice as long, the second one towering over the big toe, and the pinky toes would be little nubs.

Aubrey said...

Tee-hee! I love this post!

One of my favorite things to google image is peoples names and see what funny things come up!

Amy J. said...

I seem to always have to google math questions. Todays...how many km in a meter, how many sides does a polytrihexagonathingamabobby have. My favorite of the month...pictures of rashes to try and find out what the heck Branson was covered in...lovely photos.

Shayla said...

LOVE Google! And Gmail...and Google reader...and Picasa...and Google images...and Google Calendar...and Blogger...and Google Documents...you just gotta love Google!

Noelle said...

brigham asks me if he can google almost every day. now he settles for google earth since it doesn't matter what he types in, it's never going to accidentally turn up to be pamela anderson. :)
i have a new website for you to put on your favorites to answer many of those doctor questions:
www.familydoctor.org . abe says it's the best one out there. normal people language.
i honestly don't google. gasp! it's usually a once a month thing. and i guess you can tell i don't google based on my lack of toy organization (wink wink danyelle).