Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's With The Hair?

I love Movie Edward (as my friend so fondly refers to him). I really think they nailed the character by casting Robert Pattinson. I couldn't be happier. The hair, however, leaves something to be desired. In Twilight, Edward's hair is described to be kind of messy but in a very sexy way. I think he took "messy" and ran with it. In the movie it looks great (for the most part). However, almost all other pictures I've seen of him, well....see for yourself.

(This is actually Rob as Edward, filming a scene. What is with the swoop?)


I actually get the feeling it bugs him, too. Every interview I've seen
of him he's doing this:

However, for every sc-hairy pic,
there's one like this

and this

and this

and this

So, the bottom line is, Rob, you're too beautiful to have such crazy hair.
And Edward would never have a swoop.


Melissa Mae Johnson said...

Toms cousin Clay looks just like him!

meohmyers said...

Funny post! Perfect way to start of my morning! Yum!

Amy J. said... the explaination for the swoop, film hairdo...come on Alicia, you should know the answer for that! They just got done finishing one of the running through the forest scenes!

Shayla said...

:-) Funny, Amy. I like that explanation. Yeah, he's got some funky hair, that's for sure.

The Donald said...

I am so out of it. I have no idea who this dude is.

debsters said...

I suppose that I look at those hair doo's and think that someone that gets paid a lot of money did that. I agree, some are more flattering than others.

Donald, even I know who this dude is.

Noelle said...

i actually really like his hair. it's sort of like when guys like girls hair long beucase they invision themselves running their fingers in it or having their wives flip their hair like victorias secret models. yeah, right. anyway, his is sort of like that for me...hand run throughable. and i totally agree that he is a perfect fit for this part. i think he's lost a ton of weight to get his jaw and cheek bones that cut. glad i'm not him. :)

Jessica said...

Funny post, I can't stand the top pictures either, but the bottom ones.........YUM-O!!

Busy Bee Lauren said...

In an interview someone asked him how he got his hair that way and he said: "I just never wash it."

What is it with actors? They think cleanliness doesn't apply to them.

Love Movie bad.