Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So, So Random

* I just want to clarify that my poster proclaiming my love for Stephenie is not as fruity as it looks. Okay, it's totally fruity, but there's a good reason behind it. I didn't just think, "Hey, I want the world to know I love Stephenie, where's a big banner I can put on my blog that shouts it out loud and clear?" This is a statement, a gesture, that I was asked, as a fan, by fans, to put on my blog in support of Stephenie during this time of crisis (scroll down for her statement) for her. They designed it, not me. I have never in my life said I "heart" anything, and I never will. But if Stephenie ever stumbles across my blog (maybe she'll google "best blog ever" or something and it will lead her here) and it puts a smile on her face, then my fruity banner is totally worth it.

* Do you hear that? Me neither. That's because it's silent. My house is silent. (Except for my dumb fridge that rattles 24/7) Preschool started today and I am in complete solitary bliss. Oh how I love to be alone. And this year I get three days a week of this. Does life get any better than that?

* One of these days I'll actually update my movie blog. However, at present I am spending all my spare time reading the BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ IN MY LIFE. I mean, portion of an unedited manuscript. Whatever. Either way I have died and gone to Edward heaven and I really think that I am nearing the point where he could not get any more perfect. Perfection has a stopping point, right? You can't just keep getting more and more perfect. Okay, I'm done, stop gagging.

* I am sooooo tired and so sick of being tired. I don't know what my problem is, other than the fact that I stay up till midnight or later to actually see my husband and then I get up at 7:00 am to get the kids ready for school and since Payson no longer takes naps and has decided I shouldn't either, taking a daily nap has become somewhat of a chore. Give. Me. Sleep.

* I am the worst friend in the world and I completely forgot that yesterday was Rachael's birthday, until about 5:00 in the afternoon. I wanted to give her a true bloggy shoutout and hopefully she'll forgive me. So here's what I love about Rachael:

- She always says "for whatever reason"
- If you stumble over a word or say something stupid, she won't let you get away with it, she'll totally call you out and laugh at you.
- She has weird eating issues, like not eating cake with ice cream cause it makes it soggy and not eating fried cheese sticks reheated.
- When she laughs really hard she starts to cry, and she thinks I'm funny
- She calls pop "soda", as if she hasn't lived in Washington her entire life
- She loves Tyler Perry if she's not white.
- She sort of yells "hello" when she answers the phone.
- She gets as absorbed in books (and completely obsessed with the lives of fictional characters) as I do
- She loves Lauren Conrad. I just had to put that in there.

And I was going to write out my favorite Rachael memory but I realized it wouldn't be funny to anyone who wasn't there, so I'm just going to say that it was when she asked me if I put up a certain picture for "motivation" and I completely misunderstood. We got a good laugh. Happy Birthday a day late Rach!


Heather said...

happy b-day rach, and what's wrong with Stephenie Meyer????

Noelle said...

i'm glad i'm not the only one who refuses to say i 'heart' anything. gag. retch. hurl.
and i will not judge you on your hearting stephenie banner since i've asked to be her friend on facebook. stil no reply. sniff sniff.
i can't wait to read the edward book. i have been looking forward to it forever and i knew it'd be the best of her books so i'm way way way ticked it came out like this. is it the whole book?

Alicia said...

No, Noelle, it's not. I think it's about 3/4 of it. I tried to stay strong and not read it but I failed.

Sorry, Heather, I forgot to link to it. I will do that now. Then you can read for yourself.

Brenda said...

Enjoy the calm before the storm!

Rachael said...

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I loved my birthday list! And, it is even better you posted today because it is like extending my birthday!

As you continue reading, you will realize, there is no end to Edwards perfection. There are some amazing one-liners in there, I CANNOT wait to talk to you about the whole thing.

Sorry your so tired, just call me and say you are sending Payson down.

Oh, and I think it is great you are showing Stephanie your support. I feel so bad for her, people out there are just insane, like in a bad way...

Shayla said...

I feel so bad for Stephenie, too. It makes you look at pirating and copyrighting in a whole different perspective. That's for sure. I can't believe someone would leak her book, it's just so sad. So, I've been meaning to email you and ask if you broke down and downloaded it yet. I was trying to decide if it would be worth it, since it's not in it's finished form...but now you've given me reason to cave.

So. Jealous. of your alone time. That's all I have to say about that.

Sorry about the no naps, I should have asked to bring Payson back to my house this afternoon, too.

Happy, happy birthday Rachael! I hope it was completely awesome. Or at least a little more bearable than the other days of the year when you're pregnant and miserable. :-) It's been so fun getting to know you better.

m-a said...

I laughed when I saw that the stephenie banner actually matched the colors on your blog. I wish I had an extra thousand dollars around so I could fly to WA and go to the movie with you.

Ms. Kristen said...

Hey....I love the Stephanie Meyer thing! And, I like to call my pop, "soda", too!!!! You gotta love Rachael!
Sorry I couldn't go the other night!
I missed BUnco....sooo much! Hope Danyelle is ok?
How come you don't comment on my blog anymore?

meohmyers said...

I love knowing your favorite Rachael memory. That was soooo funny. Poor Rachael was so embarrassed. Hope you had a great birthday, Rachael! For whatever reason, we love you!

Okay. I can't stand it anymore. I'm going to cave and read the leak. I would hate not knowing what you guys are referring to! I may not get to bed till 2 am but oh well.

Jodi said...

Duh, I'm a little your black, red, and white theme to go with our favorite books? Very cool! I'm surprised you started reading Midnight Sun. I want to read it, but I totally don't like the idea of having to read it from the computer. I wish I could print it out. It'd be so much easier for me to read. I can't wait though.

Amy said...

Oh.My.Goodness. This has to be the best post I've read in awhile. I totally laughed out loud, which I RARELY do, and want to comment on almost every part. But, I can't. I am wrestling right now with a baby who hasn't pooped in over a week and it's not going so good. So instead of commenting all my comments I'm just going to read your post again.

Marilyn said...

I am learning to enjoy the silence...but it still feels so weird to me.

Looking forward to the movie with you.

Alicia said...

Jodi- It's actually not! I'm not that pathetic, really. black, white and red (especially red) has always been a favorite color scheme of mine, Stephenie just happened to pick it for her books so of course I love it. I chose this template purely because I loved it, not to match. I hope people don't think I'm really that far gone in my love of all things Twilight.
And yeah, the computer reading has really hindered how much I can read Midnight Sun. One chapter at a time, really, and then my head is throbbing.

Amy J. said...

I think random posts are one of my favorites! Why oh why would they even use that saying...only 10 year olds use that "heart" phrase! Do they not realize that the idea is for people to "want" to put it on their blog.

Lauren said...

Ted has been reading Midnight Sun to me and we just finished. I seriously cried one too many times. I agree with you...I can't believe how amazing he is. EVERYTHING makes sense after reading the manuscript. He truly thinks that if he loves her enough, he would be able to leave her. Gah! I always knew that, but the haters needed to read that.