Friday, September 12, 2008

THIS WEEK IN HOLLYWOOD: What Are They Thinking?!

Why is it that celebrities think they can do it all? It's like they think if they're talented in one area (think is the operative word in most of these cases) then they must be talented in others. Like, if they can sing, they must be able to act. If they can act, they must be able to write, etc. I'm so embarrassed for so many celebrities in the news this week who feel they hold the All Access Talent Pass. Or have just completely lost their grip on reality.

Mariah Carey: Thinks She Can Act

She's working on another film.

It's about stinkin' time! My DVD collection will never
be complete without Glitter 2!

Ryan Seacrest and Paris Hilton: Think People Want To Watch Them On TV

They've teamed up for an upcoming reality show.

For those of you who love reality TV,
but wish it was just a little more obnoxious.

Lauren Conrad: Thinks She Can Write

She signed on to write a series of young adult books.

A must-have for every 12 year old girl:

"How To, Like, Become Famous, For, Like, Doing Absolutely Nothing"

By Lauren Conrad
Illustrated by Lo Bosworth

Madonna: Thinks She's Still 20

Seriously, we get it. You're 50 and you're incredibly in shape.
Kudos to you. What you don't realize is there's a very
thin line between impressive and ridiculous.

New Kids On The Block: Think It's Still 1989

Here's a little piece of advice for the comeback kids:
If you're trying to prove to the world that you're still hip
20 years later, probably don't do the robot.

In additional news, I finally figured out who's been stealing Mary Kate's pants!


Lisa said...

Oh, where to begin?!!! Uh, reality tv. I am an addict and will most likely watch Paris Hilton's new BFF...I wish I could say I was joking, but seriously I have a problem. Madonna, yeah another her. And if I looked like that now, let alone fifty well I would have to jump around in red boy shorts too. New kids, well they can't go around calling themselves that anymore, can they? Mary kate, maybe she's not strong enough to hold more than one article of clothing at a time...let's just be greatful she's been choosing to wear oversized tops. ;) LC, if she writes as well as she designs, look out Stephanie Meyer!!!

Nicely done, once again.

P.M.S. Any news yet?

Alicia said...

Lisa, you are hilarious. LOVED the M.K. comment. P.M.S. News on my other blog.

Heather said...

Who are those guys??

MichelleB said...

Oh my goodness I am rolling. I can't tell you how much the Jonas brothers and their stretch jeans make me wanna barf!!!!

Brenda said...

That last one had me rolling!

JenFielding said...

You saved the best for last, that was hilarious.

[M] said...

I totally needed to laugh today...thanks.

Melissa Mae Johnson said...


dandee said...

You never disappoint. Thank you.

Shayla said...

Awesome, seriously, thanks for the laugh, I needed it! And, why in the world are Ryan Seacrest and Paris Hilton teaming up for a reality show?!?

Rachael said...

Seriously, if I wasn't friends with you already, I would totally want to be just because of your Hollywood posts.

Why do the Olson twins always make those weird fish faces? And I hate the Jonas Brothers!! They could probably knit Mary kate some pants with their extra eyebrow hair. And, as for Madonna, I know she is all in shape n' stuff, but I think her body looks nasty. I can't remember who else you wrote about, it is 1:40am, and I have been widdling down over 50 posts.

Rachel said...

Alicia, I love you Week in Review's. You are so funny and your sense of humor speaks to me. I think it's that little hint of sarcasm! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face.

Vanessa said...

That was your best one yet! I especially liked MK's pants ending up on the Jonas brothers!

andrea said...

Ok, I will overlook the jab at my boys because the others were hilarious.

PRP said...

Does that last Jonas brother really have his skinny jeans tucked into his boots??? Kill me now.

Perfection, Alicia. Love it.

Amy J. said...

I could seriously handle "A Day in Hollywood." I really don't know how you come up with so many funnies.

debsters said...

You're humor intrigues me. You do it well!

Sarah said...

I totally laughed out loud at the Jonas Brothers/Mary Kate missing pants correlation. Hilarious!

Ms. Kristen said...

Made me laugh out loud! So funny! I can not believe Ryan Seacrest is stooping that low to do a show with dimwit!

I like this blog spilt! Cool!

meohmyers said...

OK. Seriously. Why are you not getting paid to do this? You have the best sense of humor and wit. So funny!! Loved this.

The Garden Maiden said...

I haven't been here to your blog in awhile and I can't figure out why because IT IS SO STINKIN HILARIOUS!!!!!

You need your own reality tv show! You could seriously be the next host of the Soup!

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Best post of my life!

Ok, first off...Madonna is sick-nast. Seriously. No one wants to see her thin legs (that happen to be kinda wrinkley) in booty shorts.

Why do the Olson twins NEVER smile? They used to be gorgeous...but when they hit 18 they turned scary.

Oh how I love Joe Jonas...but I hate the pants.

ashley said...

Hahaha, oh the Jonas Brothers. Lets talk about their shoes, yuck! Are those moon/cowboy boots that one is wearing? Thanks for the good laugh Alicia; although I must confess, I love NKOTB!