Monday, September 14, 2009

New New Moon Trailer

Every time I think I couldn't be any more excited for this movie, they go and prove me wrong.

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Vanessa said...


Ben and Alissa said...

Two things I didn't like:

Bella screaming in her bed, I'm not a fan of cry-screaming.

And Bella screaming (in a man voice) "No Edward! Don't!" as he's about to reveal himself. Just sounds too manly.

Everything else I liked and it looked exciting. I hope it's good! About two months to go!

MARISA said...

Love the soundtrack! So ready for this to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shayla said...

Saw this on another blog and had to watch it a couple more times. I am actually WAY more excited for this one than I was the first. Can't wait!

andrea said...

Couldn't Rob brake out the razor to film the movie? Edward does NOT have a hairy chest!

I think I'm gonna like this one better than Twilight. So excited!

Alicia said...

I think I'm going to like this one waaaaay better than Twilight. Andrea-Edward = no chest hair. That's all I see in that shot is
Alissa- Bella/Kristen totally has a man voice. She should never yell, or scream. Although I do have to say the sleeping/screaming is staying true to the book.

Lauren said...

"You can go to hell". Um hi...never seen anything more attractive than Edward protecting his woman.

Love it!

Rachael said...

my arm hairs are standing straight up.....and that is sayin' something, cause my arm hairs is long....Seriously so excited

Amy J. said...

OK...Rachael that was hilarious.

So I know you showed this to me at your house but I just had to watch it again! I think the special effects are going to kick rear end over Twilight! And I am sooooo Team Edward but Jacob, yowwwwza.