Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This Week In Hollywood: Ripped From The Headlines

In celebration of my header being back, I thought I'd do a little TWIH.

Kate Gosselin Admits She Had a Meltdown This Weekend

Whew. I was getting nervous. It had been a whole five minutes
since we last heard how Kate was feeling.

Pink Begins Tour In Seattle

And wins the award for The Best Use of Masking Tape Since Making Scary Faces in the Mirror.

Michelle Obama Makes People's Top Ten Best Dressed List

Coldwater Creek employees everywhere are celebrating the exciting news.

George Clooney Prefers Prostate Exams over Facebook

Just one more thing we have in common, George.

Christina Applegate Misses Her Old Breasts

I hear ya, Christina. I miss my old ones, too.


Rachael said...

Seriously, TWIH, is like your special vampire talent. Every time, I'm like "How does she do it?"

Marilyn said...

Thanks Alicia, after the day I've had today, I really need your comic relief. Seriously have been missing TWIH! Keep em coming!

Shayla said...

Oh my gosh...way too funny! I miss my old breasts too...hee hee. Really, Facebook won't kill you Alicia...really. :-) Oh, and SEND ME SOME NEW POSTER CHOICES...let's update that header...for some odd reason it's showing the really old one I think. I MISS YOU! This whole passing in the parking lot wave and blog comments just ain't cuttin' it! :-)

Ben and Alissa said...

I've missed the TWIH's too! I could never come up with things as funny as you do. Everything was hilarious! And Pink, seriously, what is she thinking!

MARISA said...

That last one killed me! I can relate, having breastfed 3 kids! You're awesome, thanks for the chuckle.

Noelle said...

oh my funny heaven!
give me my old breasts back! give 'em back! LOLOLOL.
i have MISSED these. but no pressure.:)

dandee said...

I think instead of giving the best dressed nods to the celebrities, they should hand them out to all of their stylists. If I had a personal stylist I could be "best dressed" too.

lovely lindsay said...

ditto to miss dandee... i love me some rachel zoe.
you crack me up, alicia. love this.

Amy J. said...

A perfect start to a morning! Love them all...but I have to agree with everyone that your last one is now a classic TWIH!!!! You nailed it with Pink...WOW.