Monday, September 28, 2009


*UPDATE: We are currently at 88 people!! Keep 'em coming! Rest assured if you have contacted me in any way at all, your name is on the list, even if you haven't heard back from me. I WILL be contacting you soon.

Hey all you locals!!
I NEED your help!!
See, I really really really really want to see New Moon
This is impossible, you might say.
No, it isn't, I say.
It is very possible.
All I need is 99 other people who will go with me!!
Fairchild Cinemas will do a pre-release screening to parties of 100 or more,
on Thursday, Nov. 19th at 7 or 9 pm.

Don't you want to see it BEFORE everyone else?!
At a decent hour instead of midnight?

Comment, call, email, text, write me a letter if you are interested asap!!
(Leave your email address in your comment)
Spread the word, the more the better!!
Feel free to link to this post, in fact, PLEASE DO!
Tell all your local friends!!
There's no catch, the price of the ticket is the same,
and you get to watch it with friends, the day before anyone else.
Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

I'm hoping to get this done in the next few days, so hurry hurry hurry and let me know!
For now I am keeping a count, when it seems possible that I could get 100,
I will start collecting money to get the tickets.


MARISA said...


meohmyers said...

Definitely me! I'm spreading the word, too! :)

Marilyn said...

I'll spread the word as well! I e-mailed you!

Shayla said...

You KNOW I am in. Count my sister, as well. I'm speaking for her without even speaking TO her about it yet, but I know she's in. :-)

Jennifer said...

Shayla's right. We're both definitely in.

Sara said...

I am in, as well as my sister and two other ladies.

Amy J. said...

I am actually excited about this movie! Wohoo count me in.

Nicole said...

Count me in....I will spread the word too! fun fun!!!

hatch said...

Exciting! count me in too.

Jennilyn Kent said...

Hi my name is Jenni and I found out from my niece Ashley Calaway. I was wondering if you could put me down for 6 tickets?

hatch said...

I just realized that I did not give you a count. I need 7 tickets. Am I too late?
Kim Hatch

Kris said...

Alicia, Jodi forwarded your email to me. So I decided to contact you through your blog. I need two tickets. Thanks!

Vanessa said...

Can I make a request that we try for 7pm? I get sort of sleepy.

Ms. Kristen said...

Count me and my husband too!

Stacia said...

Count me and I talked to someone yesterday that would bring 2 people, so three in her party. I am emailing her today for you.

jencwu said...
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jencwu said...

Just found out about this! Friends and I have already bought tickets for the midnight showing at Fairchild. Do you know if they will honor those for this pre-release screening time? Please email me

Mel, Luke and Family said...

I want to come!! My husband will be with me.. and the baby I am having on the 6th of Nov! ha ha my email address is thanks thanks thanks!! :)