Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Birthday Poem

Today is Kim's birthday and everyone knows
she has a foot fetish because of her toes
She also will study your eyebrows up close
To make sure they're well plucked and not at all gross.
She loves Swedish fish and McDonald's french fries
She is famous for faking you out with her lies!
She lost 40 (?) pounds and looks so stinkin' good
Consultant for Weight Watchers? I think she should.
She knows all the words to "Baby Got Back"
Creative ideas she so does not lack.
Shopko just isn't her favorite place
Whenever she leaves there she has a red face.
Her favorite things are to blog and scrapbook
If something is gory she'll give it a look
Her mom is her best friend, they talk all the time
She just loves her siblings, she thinks they're sublime
Her kids are her life and she's such a great friend
Happy Birthday Dear Kimmie! Now this is the end.
Oh, and I won the contest!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it!!!!!! I get Kim's goodie bag giveaway and I am soooo excited!
Here's some Maroon 5 for you on your special day!

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