Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Did You Know "Ebay" is Pig-Latin for "be"?

I have to blog about my latest passion: Ebay. I am addicted!!! I know you're probably thinking "Uh, welcome to ten years ago" but I was hooked back then just like everyone else. Then as reality struck that I had no money, the passion waned and any ebay shopping I've done since then has been sporadic at best. But about a year ago or so, Bill and I started piling up stuff we didn't want or need anymore with the intention of selling it on ebay. (We could have done a yard sale but we wanted-needed-to get the max amount for the stuff.) So after months and months of storing the stuff in my computer room, things got dire enough financially for me to finally sit down and start selling it. Within five days and five stamp sets I made over a hundred bucks. Sure, since then there have been things that have only sold for a dollar, but others for twenty, and all together I've probably made at least $200.
I LOVE IT!! I am getting rid of stuff I don't want anymore that has been taking up space in my house and without having to leave my house (except to ship it). I am sitting here making money! I work it out so that I only go to the post office twice a week, and I do little things like put thank you notes in the packages and e-mail the buyer saying I shipped it and I would leave them good feedback so that they give me really good feedback!
It has become such an addiction, so much in fact that (don't hate me) when I get online now the first thing I always check is My Ebay, not blogs!!! I want to see if anything else has been bid on, sold, or paid for. The best part is watching my balance in PayPal go up, up, up. When it gets high enough, I transfer it to my checking account. Of course sometimes I have to treat myself with buying something now and then on ebay with my hard-earned money.
I know many of you probably already have ebay in your favorites list, but I had never known the thrill of being a seller!! I recommend that if you have junk laying around your house that you don't want anymore, put it on ebay. Someone, somewhere, will see it as a treasure!

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