Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Major Award

Although the following may seem like an odd sight, things like this are not unusual at our house. After Bill's softball game Tuesday night, the kids' feet were filthy and they both wanted to get in the bath. Since we don't let them bathe together anymore, I had the brilliant idea to have them put on their swimming suits (since I wasn't going to actually wash them head to toe, it was late) so they could get in together. After about twenty minutes of blissful water fun, Bill got one of his ideas to make the kids laugh. He got his swimming suit on and went into the bathroom saying he was going to join them. I didn't really think he would get in the water, but this is what I found when I went in there:

It was a hilarious sight to behold, but it was topped by the knock on our door. Now, for any of you who know my house, our bathroom is right off the family room. Right there. No hiding it. Bill's eyes got as big as dinner plates and I went to answer the door, laughing and giddy at the knowledge that someone was about to find out that Bill was in the bath with the kids. And who had come to call? KIM! with my goodie bag! I was so excited she had brought it to me, I hadn't expected it for a few days, and so relieved it was someone who wouldn't judge Bill too much and knows his sense of humor enough to not be shocked.

So, while Bill was stuck in the bathroom for at least a half an hour, too embarrassed to come out, Kim and I settled on my family room floor and excitedly emptied it out. At first I pulled things out one by one but Kim got excited and started pulling them out for me :) This was what I scored:

Isn't it awesome???!!! I loved it all! Well, I won't eat the cereal because I don't eat nuts and real blueberries make me gag, but other than that, I loved it all! This was everything included:

  • Weight Watchers Honey Almond Crisp

  • $2 worth of McDonalds coupons for french fries

  • A little decorative bag of red Swedish fish

  • A little decorative bag of Peanut Butter M&M's

  • Awesome green and brown decorative ribbon

  • Coordinating green and brown pieces of scrapbooking paper

  • A bottle of Diet Berries & Cream Dr. Pepper

  • A pack of Tropical Twist Trident with Xylitol (?)

  • A 4 piece Christmas stamp set

  • 7 of the cutest homemade cards I've ever seen that Kim stayed up all night making (that was for you, Kim)

  • 3 recipes: Spinach Salad, Stuffed Shells, and Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

  • The coolest frame I've ever seen that Kim made herself by decoupaging scrapbook paper and ribbon


my favorite item of all........

a CD of some of Kim's favorite songs. Do you love the picture she chose for the case?

I was literally rolling on the floor laughing. But I will treasure it always. Doesn't she look like a real pop star? Thanks again for me wonderful goodie bag. I'm so glad I won! All those conversations with myself on your blog really paid off!

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