Monday, April 21, 2008

All in the Family

Payson had his first t-ball game last Thursday.
It's the first sport or anything he's ever done, so I went a little crazy with the camera.

The Huddle.

The funniest thing has been trying to figure out if he's right or left-handed in sports.
He's left-handed otherwise, so we tried left-handed first.
We spent $20 on a left-handed glove only to discover he plays better right-handed.
(Anyone need a tiny left-handed mitt that says "Payson" on it?)

Here he is batting right-handed.

Here he is batting left-handed.
(One of these days we'll figure it out.)

No matter where the coach put Payson and Colton,
they wound up sharing the same base.

The best part of the game was when Payson and Colton were playing catch pre-game to warm up. Colton threw it and it hit Payson in the arm. Payson got mad and said (in his annoyed, whiny voice), "'re 'posed to get it in my glove!") It was hilarious.

This was about the only time they did an actual play,
everyone going for the ball.

This one's going in a frame.

After the game at DQ with Colton.
Seriously, how cute are they?

Then Macy had her indoor pool party on Saturday. Thanks to our Relief Society Birthday Dinner
Service Auction, I had it made in the shade. Two things I won were an indoor pool party out at
Natasha's in-laws house, and a custom-decorated birthday cake by Eden (see pics below).
All I had to do was make the invitations and buy the goody bags. It was so nice.

Macy and Abby

Macy's cousin Kaitlin



The happy swimmers

Okay, so when I told Eden I wanted something pool-themed,
I had no idea she would take it and run with it. I could not believe
my eyes when I saw what she had created. She completely out-did herself.

The pictures do not do it justice, you can't see all the tiny
detail she put into it. It was amazing.

I cannot thank her enough for the incredible cake she made for Macy,
and I seriously can't tell you how much the girls loved it.
(Not to mention it was DE-LISH!)
THANK YOU EDEN!!! (And yes, we are still digging away at it!)

Yeah, so I won't be getting Mom of the Year Award.
The one thing I forgot to haul out there? Candles.
Lucky for me Macy didn't care in the least. (The funny
thing is she looks like she's about to blow out something, but
she's just oohing and aahing over the cake.)

Here they are all claiming the Teddy Grahams they wanted
and requesting totally different parts of the cake.

Kenzie enjoying her cake.

Opening presents.

Abby and Ally

How much do I love this picture?
My daughter turns 7 and suddenly she looks 25.

From left to right:
Ally, Kenzie, Kaitlin, Marissa, Macy, Abby
It went great, and everyone had a blast.

In other news, I got a new ward calling. I am the new Primary Secretary!
I am so excited about it.

Which leaves Bill. His exciting news is that he went undefeated all the way to the Pro Bowl
on Madden '06 and he got 1st place in his 3rd PGA Tour Championship, beating Tiger Woods.
Yay Bill!

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