Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My head hurts. My throat hurts. My ear hurts. My face hurts. My chest hurts. Being sick SUCKS. It started a week ago with a full blown sore throat that I thought for sure was strep or tonsillitis, but by the next day it had turned into just a mild sore throat and typical cough/cold. But a week later, it seems to be getting worse. All I want to do is go crawl back in bed. Thank heavens things have calmed down and I have nothing I have to be doing today.

In other news, Payson's finger is great. The "cast" came off last Friday and in its place is some petroleum-soaked gauze, a giant band aid, and a metal finger brace. His fingernail (and by that I mean the place where it used to be) is looking much better, actually flesh-toned now instead of bright red. I couldn't believe it though, when, in true boy fashion, my little boy came up to me with this mischievous grin on his face and said, "Mommy, smell my thumb." Um, ew. But the great news is that his pediatrician said in no uncertain terms that his nail will grow back! I didn't even get into the whole trauma-to-the-nail-bed thing that the ER docs said would possibly prevent it from growing back, I just wanted to believe him so badly. Plus, wishful thinking, I hope that maybe he knows more being a regular pediatrician and not an ER doc. (Nothing against ER docs, they're great. I just really want my little boy's fingernail to grow back!) Anyway, I'm clinging to his word with all the hope that is in me.

So here's to hoping that the days will warm up soon, these nasty colds will go away soon, and that underneath the foul stench a thumbnail is making its way into fruition.

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