Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Honest to Blog

It's official. I have 30 blogs in my Google Reader. 30!! This may seem pathetic to some of you who reached this number many moons ago, but to me, it's bloggin' insanity. I have never been a "linker"; I don't find blogs through other people's blogs unless I know the person. I don't read cJane's, or the Pioneer Woman's, or any of the other famous blogs that lots of people read. So all of the blogs I subscribe to are people I know in person, like, and find interesting enough to keep reading about. 30!!

This is my new favorite thing about blogging: It's a new venue for making friends, or developing friendships that otherwise would take months to get past the "new acquaintances" stage. There have been several people in the past couple of months that started blogs or whose blogs I started reading that I was excited about because now I could get to know them better and vice versa through the magic that is blogging. I have no idea what it is about blogging that makes it so much easier than in person. Usually I meet someone new and think, "Wow, they're pretty cool. I really like hanging out with them. How can I hang out with them more without seeming desperate or stalker-ish?" And I can never think of anything. So I do nothing, except wait around til the next time we happen to meet at some event or another and talk to them again. Then the cycle starts all over. It's like high school all over again. I admire so much the people who meet someone new and then call them up and say, "Hey, let's go do something." I think I would voluntarily go through P.F. Chang's revolving doors before I had the courage to do that.

But now, thanks to blogging, you meet someone new, discover you both blog, and BAM! Instant communication. Within days you're cracking jokes back and forth, learning what the other does day to day, talking as if you've been friends for months. Well, maybe weeks. But still, it's wonderful! I love it! Wow, look at me being all positive about something. Maybe there's hope for me after all.

So here are some new blogs (some new, some new to me) of awesome people that I'm excited to get to know better, and what I love about them and their blogs. Hope they don't mind. (And these are in no particular order whatsoever.)

Positively Undecided

This girl CRACKS ME UP. Her sarcastic humor is my kind of humor.
And she's just as loud as me. (Maybe louder.) She is way into home
decor and every time I go to her house she has a new picture in a
magazine to show me of what to put on her living room wall.

With A Name Like Smith, It Has To Be Good

She always has hilarious stories to tell of her kids, that never
fail to entertain me. Between her little boy's bedtime rituals
and her daughter's penchant for getting into the food, I can
always count on reading with a smile on my face.

Trailer Made

Okay, her blog title alone is reason to read her blog. She is the
best at finding humor at her own expense and may be my
competition at "who sucks more?" Whether it be about
Sophie the Sumo Baby or Spencer, the boy who calls my
daughter Pee Pee, this blog is always good for a laugh.

Bugs, Beans & Sweet Little Things

I like this girl's blog because she is insightful and blogs
about the things I wish I blogged about. (i.e. happy,
positive things.) I've just recently started reading it,
but what I've read I've loved, and I've especially loved
the chance to learn a little more about her.

If You Give a Blog a Cookie

Again, love the title. Ever since watching Juno, I love
plays on the word "blog." Besides her blog title, her list of
blogs she reads is entitled "Linkin Blogs." Seriously, how
clever can you get? She only has, like, four posts on her
newly created blog but they are all a riot. Check it out.

Heather's World

I love this blog because Heather cracks me up with her
woes of dating and her insights into the world. FAVORITE
THING: She has a quote on her blog that says: Just because
it is in fashion, doesn't mean you look good. So true, and,
so Heather.

So check 'em out, bloggonnit!

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