Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Copying someone so blatantly goes against everything I believe in, especially when it comes to blogging. I would never be doing this except that 1) I honestly, truly was going to post about this today before I read this post, and 2) She seriously had the best picture I could have ever found, even if I'd searched the web for hours. So hopefully Lisa is okay with me plagiarizing.

How hot is this picture?!

How amazing is David Cook? He gets better every week, whereas Brooke, my original favorite, gets worse. (Starting and stopping and starting again? Not only has no contestant ever done it before, she's done it twice now. Ouch.) David Archuleta maintains his cover of Tiger Beat Magazine persona, and Jason, while I do enjoy his sound, is really starting to grate on the nerves. The "everything's groovy thanks to my doobie" act is getting old. Syesha is an amazing singer, but does nothing for me. Carly is an even better singer and I love her voice, but she never picks songs I like. (Jesus Christ Superstar? No thank you.) But David Cook...he may as well start practicing singing "Do I Make You Proud?" while wiping away the tears now.

And I disagree with Simon when he said last night that his rendition of "Music of the Night" was not his favorite side of him, that it was too different from his normal rocker image. I think this is exactly what makes him so amazing. I love to watch him rock out every week--he sounds awesome, and last night when I heard he was doing "Music of the Night" I was a little nervous. But I was blown away at how great he sounded singing a soft ballad. THE BOY CAN SING ANYTHING! And I don't think he seems cocky anymore. I think he deals with all of the cat-calls and "I love you"s modestly, not fakely. (Is that a word?) Anyway, he is far and away my favorite, and if he doesn't win it's a travesty.

And on a side note, I just want to say how much I have loved the last two weeks' mentors. I was the biggest Mariah Carey fan on the planet in high school and even a few years after. I still have all her songs memorized. I own every one of her albums except for her newest stuff because it just isn't my style anymore. But all of her 90's stuff and early 2 thou is so great and I know I make fun of her a lot on This Week in Hollywood, but that's just because I think she dresses like a street walker. Watching her on A.I. last week reminded me why I loved her so much. She really has the most incredible voice on the planet.

And Andrew Lloyd Webber...LOVE HIS MUSIC. Obviously, Phantom of the Opera is the best in the world, but I also love Cats, Evita, pretty much everything he's done. Last night was so fun. I hope they keep having fantastic mentors and gone will be the days of Dolly Parton and Neal Sedaka.

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