Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fun With Google Images

My cousin Rachel did this (as did my cousin Emily) and it looked so fun I had to do it. The rules are to type in each of the answers under Google images and post the first picture to come up. I followed the rules explicitly, unless the first picture was X-Rated. Then I did the second.

First Name: Alicia

(Alicia Keys)

Middle Name:

For some reason I couldn't get this picture bigger,
but in case you couldn't tell by the junk in the trunk,
it's Kim Kardashian.

Last Name:

This was interesting. She's wanted for the murder of James Stewart.
I kid you not. Hope I'm not related.


This is the pretend Eiffel Tower in Vegas.
The only thing it has to do with 29 is someone posted it on their blog on Aug. 29th.

A place you want to visit someday: Louisiana

I don't know why. Something about Pirates of the Caribbean.

Favorite vacation spot: Hawaii

This picture doesn't even look real.

Past celebrity crush:
Leonardo DiCaprio

All the pictures of him on the internet, and they bring up this crappy one first.

College Major:

Needless to say, I didn't graduate.

Place I grew up:

My house is not on this map.

First Job:
Data Entry

The screen looked pretty much like this, only it was all
doctor's patients, not fish.

Favorite Dessert: cheesecake

Yummy yum yum, can I get me some?

Favorite Food: fast food
That hamburger doesn't look the least bit appealing.

Favorite Color:
black, white and red

I have a favorite color scheme right now. Isn't it beautiful?

Someplace I went today:
Rachael's house

It's so weird they have the picture I took while I was there on
Google images.

What's for dinner tonight:
taco soup

My taco soup actually looks nothing like this.


Dandee said...

The picture of "Rachael's house" had me laughing out loud.

Jan said...

I am with Dandee, that Rachaels house is hilarious. I laughed too. That soup looks good. Nice blog for your own thoughts. Cool idea.

Em and Ms said...

I'm glad others are doing this. I had so much fun with it! Especially when you get totally random pictures. The eiffel tower in Vegas for 29? And yeah, Rachael's house is pretty funny.

Amy J. said...

You are too funny. When did Rachel go red neck?

Noelle said...

i'm totally going to do this. how much fun. you are so funny. and that kardashian lady? isn't she like totally your favorite hollywood celeb! i bet you cried your eyes out when she got voted off dancing with a star. sniff sniff.

Andrea said...

SO freaking funny!!!

Rachael said...

I didn't know you caught that special moment of us on camera! So special. And good thing your taco soup doesn't look like that...