Monday, October 13, 2008

I Love Blogging

I was tagged by my cousin Melissa to post the fourth picture in my fourth folder of pictures in My Pictures. What a fun idea! I was so nervous that I'd open it up and find that it was one that the kids had taken of me. Those are always smokin' hot: me, no makeup, hair pulled back, and of course at an upward angle because they're short, so it's all boobs and stomach. Oh, and usually I'm making the coolest face ever because I'm always on the phone, mid-conversation, oblivious to the fact that they've decided to entertain themselves with an impromptu photo shoot.

Much to my relief, this was the fourth picture in the fourth folder:

I LOVE this picture of Payson. It's so...him. This was taken last spring at around 10:00 at night after spending three hours in the emergency room, with no dinner. (Not to mention his mom completely ditched him in the ER to go to a GNO. Don't judge me, his dad told me to.) Earlier that night his sister had slammed his thumb in the door and ripped off his entire thumbnail in one piece. It has since grown back--hooray! How many kids would still be smiling after that?

I tag Rachel, Shayla, and Kim.

Also, the same fab cousin awarded me with my very first blogging award! I was one of seven blogs she chose to award, and in turn I'm supposed to choose seven blogs to award. So, to the following 7 blogs...I love your blog. (And these are in no particular order.)

Lauren's Busy Bee Lauren blog has become one of my absolute very favorite to read. Her humor is so my type of humor, she always makes me laugh. Hers is the only blog I've ever read of someone I don't know personally. That says a lot.

She also has a blog dedicated to all things Twilight, Lauren's Bite, and she seriously may be my only competition for Biggest Twilight Fan ever. (It was you on my iPhone, wasn't it?!) I know she is one person, but her two blogs are two of my favorites, therefore, I'm counting these as two.

Kristin's blog is private, so, sucks to be you if you don't have an invite. I love her subtle humor and her pensive mind. I can't link to it, but just so you know, her blog is called Polka Dot Perceptions. How cute is that?

Amy's blog is really fun. I know she's my sister, so you might think I'm biased, but in all honesty, I'm surprised I like her blog as much as I do. That sounds bad, but I know my sister like the back of my hand, so I thought it would all be old news, you know? But she's actually really funny, and super creative when it comes to posting. Her knowledge of books, photography and Adobe keep us well informed, and I never tire of pictures of her kids with hilarious captions.
Her blog is Cazier Corner.

Although Kim's blogging has been scarce, I still love her blog. She never fails to entertain with stories like Poop In A Bag and she loves the questionnaire tags as much as I do. Hopefully one day soon she'll realize that posting is where it's at. Kim's blog is called Oh Me Oh Myers.

I love Brenda's blog because she is HILARIOUS. I don't think anyone really knows how funny Brenda is until they read her blog. I think I laugh more reading her blog than anyone else's. She makes stories about daily life and the joys of being a stay-at-home mom fun and comical. She can even make a post about her favorite household cleaner entertaining. Go to Davis Family for a good laugh.

My cousin Noelle's blog is one of my favorites because she is so down to earth. She writes like she talks (I imagine, I haven't talked to her in years) and she always cracks me up with her stories of life in the Tomco home. Love her. Her blog is simply named Noelle.

So now, all you lucky winners, what you're supposed to do is pick seven of your favorite blogs to award the I Love Your Blog award to, by taking this picture off my blog and putting it on yours. Then leave a comment on that person's blog telling them they've won a major award.


Dandee said...

I love that picture of Payson too. He's a looker.

Amy said...

Hi Alicia! I love how his thumb is up. Why do boys think injuries are so awesome?

Noelle said...

hey thanks for the props. and this shows how old fashioned i still am. when i read melissa's and your posts about the 4th picture in the 4th album i thought 'oh yeah, my 4th album. IN MY BOOKCASE.' ha ha. duh.

polka dots said...

alicia- i am flattered you picked my blog for an award. thank you so much.

PS: my blog is no longer private.

Davis Family said...

Ah thanks, I think humor is the only way to handle my messy crazy household (I am pretty sure everyone else is laughing about it, so I had probably better laugh with them right?)

Jodi said...

Tags are so much fun! I'm so happy to be back and reading everyone's blogs. I have a ways to go - but I have to say, I love reading yours. :)