Friday, October 24, 2008


I can't believe it! Celebrities read my blog! And not only do they read it, but they obviously take what I say to heart. The proof is in the pictures:

Katie Holmes and Suri

Look at those newly trimmed bangs! She can actually tell it's
a cupcake she's eating. Although now she'll also be able to see
the scary guy following them. (Let's hope it's a bodyguard.)

Shia LaBeouf

Aw, now I feel bad. I've obviously given
him a complex about his spittle-covered lower
lip and now he tucks it in in embarrassment.
It's okay, Shia, you let that shiny lip out, I won't
say anything else about it, I promise.

Matthew McConaughey

I made a plea for no more pictures of Matthew shirtless,
playing some kind of sport. My wish was granted, and
instead we were all blessed with this shot of Matthew
wearing a shirt (j.k. livin', of course) cleaning out the
crap hose of his RV. Thanks for this gem, guys.

These celebrities obviously don't read my blog:

Portia de Rossi and Ellen Degeneres

Portia--apparently you didn't get my memo--
I'm seeing way too much of the red country plaid.

Mischa Barton

She has the nerve to launch a new line of these
rockin' headbands. Seriously, does her stylist
hate her? Somewhere Nicole Richie is celebrating
that her heinous trend is catching on.

Minnie Driver

Minnie, despite what Mary Kate
thinks, pants are a good thing.


Amy J. said...

I am so glad that the first group of celebraties caught on that you were so what "in"...and is so sad that she has to hold that "minnie" skirt down so that she doesn't bare all.

I think that guy behind Katie is holding a weapan in his left hand!

Noelle said...

CRAP HOSE! ha ha ha ha ha. you are soooooooooooooooo funny.
and that headband! what is up with that? it screams HEADACHE to me. oh man is it horrible.

The Garden Maiden said...

Seriously, you are better than a anti depressant for lifting the corners of the mouth. I never laugh so hard as when I stop by your blog.

Makes me want for the ole Marsh, Mitch and Alicia days. Never laughed as hard as when you three were together.

JenFielding said...

The crap hose is hilarious. Disclaimer, Cory has the exact same headlamp and uses it to read in bed at night.

Minnie looks like she took posing lessons form Michael Jackson.

I am loving this weekly read, PLEASE keep it coming!

Alicia said...

Thanks Jen, I need to hear that. I was really close to being done with it. I only did it this week because my #1 TWIH fan requested it. Now I have two fans!

dandee said...

I'm pretty sure that's the first picture I've ever seen where Matthew M has a shirt on. Seriously. Although, I don't mind the shirtless one's too much...

lovely lindsay said...

i was so happy to see a comment from you on my bloggity-blog. thank you, my dear.
you are hilarious. i love it!
love, lindsay

meohmyers said...

Ummm... make that 3 fans! I love when you do these! So funny. How did you find pictures that went along perfectly with last week's complaints?! Hilarious. Poor Shia. Yay for Katie and Suri! The child can see she's eating a cupcake! LOL!!

Rachael said...

Take it back. Tell Matthew to take his shirt back off!! And tell Minnie Driver women were blessed with hips so they had somewhere better to put their hands. And though Suri's bang lenght has improved, they still start from her neck....that is just no good.

Alicia said...

Rachael, I think I'll hire you as my permanent commenter on TWIH. Or maybe even a guest blogger. Your comments are hilarious! I always love reading your responses to these pictures.