Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Rockin' 80's

I was tagged by Amy J. This is some of my favorite memories of the wonder that was the 80's.

Cabbage Patch Kids

I still have mine. Her name is Tiffany Sharee.

Jelly Bracelets

The more you had on, the better.
Remember the cool way to hook two together?

The Jets

My cousin, Tara, and I used to lip sync to all their songs in my basement.
We knew all the words. We had dance moves. It. Was. Awesome.

Hair Scrunchies

My mom would sew me shirts and outfits with a scrunchy to match.
I was never left wanting for a scrunchy to match my clothes.

Saved By The Bell

I would wake up and watch this every Saturday morning.
In high school, I'd watch the reruns after school. (Sad, I know.)
Sadder still...I own Seasons 2&3 on DVD.

I couldn't find a picture of my fave 80's fashion trend:
T-shirts tied at the waist, or the uber-cool plastic clip made just for that.
Why is there no pictures of this?!

Oh, but I do have a picture of my 80's bangs.
Here's me in 5th grade.

Yeah, yeah, I had big glasses. Like I've never heard that one before.

Thanks, Amy, this was fun!


Dandee said...

I will never tire looking at the picture of you and those glasses. You almost don't notice the bangs because of those babies.

Brenda said...

Wow Alicia great specs!

Amy said...

Aww, 80s memories. I saw Screech at Disneyland at the haunted mansion when I was in 5th grade. I took a picture of him with my sister and my aunt. I, too, was a saved by the bell addict.

ashley said...

What a great post, and I use to have the biggest crush on Zach Morris! And this picture of you is so cute too, those bangs are perfect

meohmyers said...

Oh my gosh! You can totally see Payson in that 5th grade face of yours! Behind the mammoth glasses, of course. You know what he'll look like in 7 years!

Crazy that you were only in elementary school in the 80s. You never got to experience the pastel eyeshadows and blue mascara!

Andrea said...

I am so glad I read the comments... I DIDN'T notice the bangs because of the glasses. How could I have overlooked those things?

This was fun to read, I've never heard of the Jets.

Aubrey said...

I remember those bangs Alicia, and those glasses, I thought you were so cool with those things!

Amy J. said...

Great job didn't tag anyone! I had forgotten about cabbage patch kids! I still have mine too.

Noelle said...

hee hee. i knew you'd be able to think of things i couldn't. hair scrunchies! how did i miss those staples of a girls wardrobe!