Saturday, October 25, 2008

High School Musical 3: Senior Year


It's embarrassing how excited I was to see HSM3. I didn't even hide the fact that I wanted to go see it for me...oh, and my seven year old daughter could come too, if she wanted. (Actually I took both my kids--Payson loves the movies too--and saw it with Michelle and her kids, which was so much fun.)

HSM stuck to it's tried and true formula while making the transition to the big screen. I was curious if it would be different at all, being a "real movie" now. I am happy to report there was not much change. I loved the things about it that I always loved--the singing, dancing, romance, squeaky clean and incredibly trendy teenagers. I cringed at the parts I always cringed at--Gabriella's giggles, Troy's solo dances, and basically all the parts that tried so hard to be "cute." (I don't do cute.)

Zac Efron is better than ever as Troy. You can easily tell he is the only real actor in the bunch, which makes sense, since he is the only one who actually has a resume under his belt. The rest can sing and dance and smile real good, but Zac can act. I don't know how he does it, but even when he's popping and locking and doing his best impression of a boy band member, he doesn't make me squirm in my seat, embarrassed for him. He totally pulls it off, somehow. However, every rose has its thorn, and of course he had to have his angst-filled solo song and dance (remember the Bet On It scene in #2?. I gotta say this one beat that one out.)

Vanessa Hudgens is still the same sugar-coated, ultra sweet Gabriella. She's so beautiful it's sickening, with a body to die for, and she can definitely sing, but usually as I'm watching her I want to hit Troy in the head and say, "Really?" No one who giggles that much is a "freaky genius girl." Even Sharpay seems to have more inside her head than Gabriella. And I swear, if I had to hear her call Troy "Wildcat" one more time I was going to throw my diet Dr. Pepper at the screen.

The Sharpay bit wore a little thin for me the third time around, but I was pleased to see that despite the nose job, Ashley Tisdale still looked like Sharpay.

The music (which is the essence of the film, as we all know) was as good as always--catchy, fun, soon to be running incessantly through all our heads. A couple of songs were ruined for me by the dance numbers that accompanied them, but I know once I'm rocking out to the soundtrack in my minivan, I'll fall in love with them too.

Michelle and I had fun gawking at some of the wardrobe choices. You won't believe it until you see it, but Gabriella wears a dress that seriously--I kid you not--has sleeves that look something akin to these ones, only on a smaller scale:

It was a cute, flower-print dress, with total 80's sleeves. And some of Ryan's and Sharpay's ensembles were laughable. It was funny if they were going for laughs, but if not...ouch.

All in all, I walked away satisfied with the final installment of High School Musical. In fact, I almost teared up a little at the end, which really concentrated on the "finale" aspect. For starting out as someone who swore up and down they would NEVER watch such a cheesy, gag-inducing movie, I've come a long way to the not-ashamed-to-admit-it-HSM fan that I am. If you're a fan, you'll love it too.


dandee said...

I loved it too and feel completely the same about Troy's solo. Pretty intense.

Ms. Kristen said...

Did'nt you see me singing and dancing in the theater? I loved it! come the boys in High School weren't that cute when I went to school? are soooooo cute!!!!!
I love the dance scene on top of the school with Troy and Gab. And I loved the dance scene in the junk yard! Marvelous! And ofcourse, I went to Walmart right after to buy the cd!!!! Happy and Final HSM! Whew!!!

MichelleB said...

I don't know if I can accept 80's fashion as in!!!! I loved seeing the girls smile through that movie. It was so cute!!! I too loved it. Walked out wishing I was 10 yrs youner so I caould join the Zac fan club. Talk about cute!
I actually want to go see it again.

Melissa Mae Johnson said...

Horray! I can't wait to see it this weekend! I'm so grateful I have some girlfriends in AZ, or else I'd be going all by my lonesome.

Kris said...

I enjoyed the movie too. And I feel the same way that you do. I wanted to see it just as much or more than my kids. It was a cute, and I enjoyed watching Troy and the rest of the gang.

Alicia said...

Michelle--Me too! We'll have to go again and take Kim, Ally saw it without her but Kim wants to see it so we need to have a GNO!

meohmyers said...

I was just going to comment to Michelle that I still haven't seen it but want to! Atleast I won't have to go alone if you all want to see it again! Ally of course, loved it! She was definitely sharing all the spoilers but that's okay. So when's the GNO!?!?

AOlson said...

Thanks for the review. I am definately taking Jacob and Kayla to see it this week. I am very excited to see it too!

Amy J. said...

Thanks again for taking Sydney. I will be getting the CD off itunes ASAP. How sad is it that when I saw your photo of that blue formal dress I thought it was mine from Senior Prom!?

Alicia said...

SO sad, Amy, SO sad.

Busy Bee Lauren said...

I have always loved me some Zac Efron...almost to the point of embarrassment. I about died when I saw this on Saturday. His solo was most definitely an improvement from Bet On It...mayye because I was looking at his muscles.
I cried. And I am not ashamed haha!

ashley said...

I'll admit it, I love HSM-I even have a HSM shirt I wore on Friday to celebrate the opening of the movie. Lame, right? But I do have to say that I'm not such a big fan of Zac, but I love Chad! I love his big hair, it just keeps getting bigger in every movie. I wonder how he brushes it in the morning, or if you even brush hair like that? Hmm, anyways,thanks for the review Alicia!