Thursday, October 16, 2008

Leppert News

The other night I was putting Macy to bed and she said to me in a very concerned voice, "I really hope President Monson (the president of our church) doesn't get voted out at the election." Apparently they've been talking about the election in school, and I think someone got a little confused.

Macy is loving second grade and anxiously awaiting next Friday (the premiere of High School Musical 3). I came to the sad realization this week as I helped her with her homework that I think she has actually become smarter than me. She loves her teacher and has great friends and is trying to hide from me the fact that she's discovered boys.

Driving in our car a few weeks ago, Payson suddenly said, "I really hope I get the jerk next." I laughed and said, "What?" Where has he ever heard that word?! "You know, at McDonald's, the Lego Batman toys. I want the jerk." I wracked my brain for all the characters in Batman and finally realized what he must be talking about. "The Joker?" I asked. "Oh, yeah," he said, "the Joker."

We had the most exciting thing happen last Friday night...Payson started reading! We were completely shocked when he randomly started reading "words" off of his Applebee's kids' menu. (They weren't always words, it was the word search, and some of them were just letters put together, but still...he was reading them.) I have no idea when or how this happened, but I was ridiculously excited. I started spelling real three-letter and even four-letter words for him and he read them all! Yay Payson!

Our most exciting news is that Bill put in his two weeks at FedEx (his second job). I can't even begin to describe how ecstatic this makes me. This means I will have a husband again in the evenings. It means we'll get to eat dinner as a family, and I'll have help putting the kids to bed, and I won't have to find a baby-sitter for every function that takes place between Monday-Friday. But, wait, this isn't about me. Yay, Bill! No more working til 8:30 at night, no more hauling insanely heavy boxes, no more seeing his kids in the mornings only. He is so excited. He'll be picking up some extra hours at the shop, but mostly early morning and lunch-time. He is loving his motorcycle and spends all his free time trying to convince me to let him buy some sort of gaming system. "For Payson."

So as I count down the days until two weeks from now, I am staying busy doing the typical stay-at-home-mom stuff. Nothing too exciting going on here. Cleaning, cooking (really, I've been doing better at actually making dinner), helping with homework, playing chauffeur, cleaning, blogging, reading, doing laundry, cleaning, battling with Payson each day to take a nap (me, not him), trying to lose weight, cleaning, etc...My life couldn't be more monotonous, but I'm actually grateful for that. I'm trying to look on the bright side. There have been too many periods of my life when just doing the "norm" was incredibly difficult. I am so grateful that at the present time I am suffering from nothing...headaches magically disappeared, no unexplained nausea, no depression, family is healthy and happy and for that I have nothing else to complain about. I have taken President Monson's suggestion to heart and made it my personal motto, which I repeatedly tell myself throughout the day: Find joy in the journey. It was like he was talking to me--this is something I constantly struggle with. I have to find a way to be happy with my life at any given point because, frankly, nothing is ever going to change except my attitude.

Okay, that got a little heartsy fartsy. Just wanted to mix things up a bit by doing something I rarely do: blog about my life in a positive fashion. Weird, huh?


Shayla said...

So, So, SOO excited for you that Bill is going to be home again!! Oh, and for you too, Bill! Maybe we can get a GNO in more often now...sorry Bill, I'm already scheduling your wife for you. :-) Love that life is going okay, I need to start repeating those words to myself, too. We love getting a little bit of Macy every day. She's a sweetheart. Today she asked me if we're going to HSM3 and then told me when it's going to be playing and then she said, "I think it's going to be really, really should go!" She's already following in your footsteps, aren't you so proud? :-)

Dandee said...

I am so happy for all of this great news. Also, whenever you do a post like this I find myself just wanting to type: "I love you Leeshie." and I do. I think you're amazing.

4starmom said...

I loved this Alicia. Good news all around at the Lepperts!

Amy said...

I sure hope President Monson doesn't get voted out too. That is too funny.
And I guess the Joker is probably a jerk too, so he wasn't too far off.
Great news that you'll have a husband at home! How exciting!
Monotonous isn't so bad, especially when your kids are constantly saying and doing things that crack you up!

Melissa Mae Johnson said...

Thanks for the updates! I can't wait until Mae starts saying stuff like that. She already cracks me up. That will be so nice to have Bill at home. Tom has basically the same schedule, except he's at school or studying, and we have no income. Good times, good times! Finding Joy in the Journey definitely needs to become the thought ingrained in my brain.

Noelle said...

lovely post. your being positive helps me be positive. thanks. so excited that bill got to lose his second job. i understand the love of having a husband around. amazing.

Lisa said...

I was touched by President Monson's talk too. Glad things are going so well in your family and in your home :)

meohmyers said...

Loved this post!!! So much to be happy about. SOOO glad things are looking up for you all. That Payson is a little smartypants!! I can't wait to see this for myself! Macy is just a sweetie. She was hanging on our window yesterday waiting to be picked up and was so cute with Maddie. I just love your little family! I love all the good news tidbits!

I need to go to bed. See you later today! :)

MichelleB said...

I know having Bill home more will make you so happy. That is great!!! Your kids really are so cute. When are you hitting HSM3? I think I may try to take my kids early Sat. evening. I may be more excited about it than Bailie. Loved the messages also about being happy and finding joy. I am for sure one that needed that reminder.

Vanessa said...

I am so excited for you that Bill will be home more. You are wonder woman for doing without him so often. Your family is so great. Finding Joy in the Journey is the most difficult part of what we are supposed to do. I am working on it myself.

Amy J. said...

Good news all around! Yay! I knew exactly who Payson was talking about when he said he wanted the "jerk", but then I have the mentality of a 5 year old. I can't tell you how cool it was for me to be there when you discovered his reading abilities. Very exciting!

Jodi said...

What a fun happy post. I'm with Shayla, does that mean a GNO soon?? :) Great news for you and your family.