Saturday, October 25, 2008

Giveaway Results

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2008-10-25 21:26:44 UTC

And commenter #7 said, "Superfudge!" leaving no doubt in my mind that it was my cousin, Michelle. Yay, Michelle! Email me what kind of cards you want, being as specific as possible (theme, colors, etc.) and I will mail them to you asap.

Thanks to everyone for playing! I cannot tell you how much fun I had guessing everyone. I felt like a detective, using every clue possible to figure some of these out. So here are my guesses: (Please, correct me if I'm wrong!! If I don't hear otherwise, I'll assume I'm right.) WARNING: LONG!

#1 said, "Ahh, the long awaited 21st of November. If I win I promise to shield the butter from your beautiful face. I love free stuff, especially stuff from you. With love, Adnerb"
Adnerb spelled backwards is Brenda, and I'm not totally sure, but I'm guessing Brenda D.

#2 (caught on tape) said, "Shoot. I didn't want to be the first to comment because never picks the number 1! Oh well. I'll still enter and my hint is this...why pay $4 when you can pay $52? Too easy, I know. I'll take my Thank-You cards in Twilight's color scheme, thank you very much!"
After a long time of being completely stumped on this one, I FINALLY figured out it was Kim. She always says "shoot" like that, and she's referring to our clueless moment on our Forks trip when we shot past a toll booth on a Seattle bridge without paying. What would have cost us $4 quickly turned into $52 after our law-breaking was caught on tape.

#3 said, "Horray for Twilight. Here's my hint: You wrote to Bill before you met him on my computer while I slept. Maybe that was too easy."
Okay, Melissa, I'll admit, this one was easy. I was staying at my cousins' house in Utah the week I "met" Bill online. Melissa got to sleep through my clickety-clicks all night long as we chatted. Thanks, Liss! My kids thank you.

#4 said, "I'm sure you will be wondering who I am for ages! One of my fondest memories is spending the night at your house and playing in the basement. (Hmm I can't remember what grade we were in) Anyhow, I loved your laugh it was Way better than mine and I spent the whole night trying to make my laugh sound just like yours. I never did by the way. I think it may have been the only time I stayed over... I wouldn't have invited an hysterical (on purpose no less) friend back either so no hard feelings ;)"
This one had me so stumped I went to my sister for help and she (oddly enough) reminded me of a slumber party I hosted ten years ago for the primary class of ten year old girls I taught. Which led me to guess one of the Vaughn twins--Rachel?

#5 said, "Big, Philadelphia, Saving Private Ryan, You've Got Mail, That Thing You Do!"
This has to be Lisa S., Tom Hanks' self-proclaimed biggest fan!

#6 said, "Happy One Month Til Twilight Movie Day to you too! Can't wait. Stuart"
I confess I never did figure this one out. I wracked my brain for three days straight for what "Stuart" could possibly mean, and came up empty. Finally Jodi confessed it was her, and I couldn't believe I forgot what she and I named the mouse we set free after catching it in Kim's family room: Stuart, as in Little, of course.

#7 said, "Superfudge!"
Like I said, I knew immediately this was Michelle. One of my fondest childhood memories was sitting in my living room in the "bed" we had made out of blankets for a sleepover and taking turns reading Superfudge, back and forth, back and forth. I'm so glad you remember it too, Michelle!

#8 said, "Hmmmm.... a comment or a memory? Maybe the time I sat by MYSELF at Shari's cuz I'm too retarded to look around the restaurant for you. That was awesome. -girl who played tetris on her cell phone while friends talked in the "sunroom" at Shari's."
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess Heather B. I'm not sure, it was a tough one, but like I said, I used any clue I could get and her name and picture make me think it might be her.

#9 was Danyelle, who said, "I'm an idiot because I didn't remember to click "anonymous" with that last one. I'll try again know, to keep up the anonymity." Silly Danyelle.

#10 said, "Wow, I've never been anonymous before. I have 4 kids and I teach piano and clarinet lessons. And 2 1/2 years ago, you were holding my baby while we were playing games, and you refered to his onesie as a very "yummy" color of blue. Which I agree, by the way. I'm sure you totally remember that, and I'm not 100% sure why I remember that. Maybe because 2 1/2 years later, my new baby gets to wear it..."
This is Amy M., who remembered way more details about a fun game night than I did. (Although I do remember holding your baby that night.)

#11 said, "DANG! I DO love free stuff! I like to hear all about peoples excitement for goooood movies! Hurrah! Okay, here is my memory: "Ohhhhhh I took a lick off my peppermint stick (bounce bounce) and I thought it tasted yummy (bounce bounce) oh it used to be on my Christmas tree (bounce bounce) but now it's yummy in my tummy (bounce bounce) YUM! YUM! HEE HEE HEE Good times!"
This is my cousin Aubrey, referring to a song we always sang together as kids. The "bounce bounce" parts will remain our little secret, won't they Aub?

#12 said, "Midnight walks in the snow (why can't the world still be that safe?)and running down the street in our swimsuits and towel capes, cackling like witches. Maybe you don't remember that."
Ah, Mary Ann, I can't believe you would even question me remembering this! I remember everything we did, even the cackling witches. But the midnight walks in the snow in our giant white Nikes were always the best.

#13 said, "It's the naked truth that my husband gave you a nickname when you were younger."
Yes, this would be my sister, Amy. Yes, I accidentally saw her husband naked. Yes, he used to call me Pooter. Yes, it's all things I'd rather forget.

#14 said, "Everytime we stepped into your white Escort, Amy Grant would serenade us from the radio. Today I think of it as "our" song."
Danyelle, you always talk about my iron-clad memory, and yet you remembered this and I didn't (until you mentioned it)! But now I remember how that blasted song used to come on every single time we got in my car, even though the song was six years old. Good times, good times.

#15 said, "A German, some must-have Mariah, some crazy Russians, and a road trip."
This memory made me laugh, thanks cousin Jen. All I remember about this road trip is those crazy Russian boys trying to run us off the road and the fact that we were with two people we have not and most likely will never see again (including the German).

#16 said, "humanitarian, 3 kids, a deep love for twilight, and a blogger who blogs about every 3 months."
I'm gonna guess this is Eden. (For some reason I can't open her blog to link to it.) She is the humanitarian person in our ward, she has three kids, and she doesn't blog very often. I didn't know about her love for Twilight, but she's the only person I can think of that fits this description.

#17 said, "Haven't known you long enough to have any "good ole times" stories, but I can say that I really admire you and thing you are very "cool" I knew I wanted to be your friend before I really knew you and and so glad that we are friends now. (I know it sounds cheesy, but when else can you be cheesy and nice and have no one know it's you!) -that one friend"
I obviously don't have much to go off of on this one, but I'm going to guess Brenda M. If it's not, I'm dying to know who it is!

#18 said, "i remember the "mariah" days, the "danny p" days, and i have a cute brother. too hard?"
This has to be Marisa, since she knew me well back in the day of Mariah and...ahem...ex-boyfriends. Seeing as I dated her brother, it's safe to assume I thought he was cute.

#19 said, "You like me becuase I keep you young. I think you've got the right stuff, so step by step we are becoming better friends."
Ha ha, I know exactly who this is. Andrea is my youngest friend (by about six years) who also happens to be a die-hard New Kids on the Block fan. Which is so funny to me, because I don't think she was even born yet when they were around.

#20 said, "coming to your house on a greyhound and having the feeling of 102 degrees hit me like a brick wall as i stepped off the urine soaked bus to jump in your moms BMW - how cool! i always slept in your room (thanks!) and dreampt that your mom would take me in for good 'cause she was the closest thing to my mom i knew."
This is my cousin Noelle, who often left her moss-covered, rain-soaked home to come visit us in the summer. I idolized her, and HATED the fact that she liked my brother better than me.

#21 (Rusty Shackelford) said, "The time I saw you and your hubby out ring shopping back in 2000. It was the first day you two had ever seen each other. Or playing basketball with about 20of us in front of your house about 17 years ago. So what is this Twilight business anyway? Is it going to be better than HSM 3? I doubt it."
Is this The Don? I remember the first memory I have of you was you playing b-ball with all the cousins in my front yard. I thought you were a new guy to hit on until I learned you were my cousin. I have no memory of running into you while ring shopping, but since we were engaged at the same time, maybe you were looking at rings too. Oh, and btw, it was like, the second day we had seen each other. (Who is Rusty Shackelford?)

#22 said, "I like free stuff. I remember sitting on your couch with my fiancee meeting you for the first time. You were chatting I was laughing my guts out!"
I'm thinking this is Nan. Although I don't remember this, it would make sense that you were on my couch with your fiancee, and "guts" seems like a word you would use. Also, I'm pretty sure you like free stuff.

#23 (eavesdropper) said, "eavesdropping."
Okay, obviously I have no way of knowing who this is, but using my detective skills, I sort of cheated and looked at my stat counter. It only ever shows two blogs other than my own, and this one just happened to show one at the same time this comment was left--so...I'm gonna guess Amy O.?

#24 said, "BUNCO gone wild!!!! I like to add random points to my recent score sheet!"
This has to be Kristen H., who almost won our last Bunco game by adding 100 extra points (unknowingly) to her score sheet. Luckily, none of us believed her and made her check, and the error was quickly fixed. But we got a good laugh. She's a good sport.

#25 (Newborn) said, "You are my resident Twilight expert owe me a movie :)"
She could have just put "Newborn" and I would have known it was Marilyn. The newest Twilight addict, we have been having in-depth discussions about Twilight via email. Oh, and I still haven't taken her to the movie she won on my birthday giveaway. I can't believe I just admitted that.

#26 said, "Haven't known you as long as some of the rest, But our chats are always among the best. Movie watching keeps us both super happy, though I'm a crier and you're just not that sappy. Email is our preferred choice of communication, an endless back-and-forth (who's next?) conversation. I'd take credit for your total Twilight obsession, but apparently I rank low on your book recommendations. So silly and fun and real and true, Thanks for the that enough clues?"
This has to be Shayla, my fellow emailer, movie addict, Twilight fanatic, book worm, etc. But why do you think you rank low on my book recommendations? This was SUCH a great poem I LOVED it.

#27 said, "We were in a competition together and we both wanted to win. You and I were the fiercest competetors by far. I didn't win."
Kristen G., are you still bitter? We sure did rock that giveaway of Kim's, didn't we? But I can't remember, who actually won it? Oh, yeah, I DID! Were you comment #28, too?

#29 said, "Happy One Month till Twilight! I can't believe it's only a month away. Maybe I will see you again at midnight for the Twilight movie, like the night Breaking Dawn was released! Only this time I'm leaving my makeup and dress behind..."
This could only be Ashley H., someone who just may out-rank me when it comes to Twilight Superfan, even dressing up at the Breaking Dawn release party.

#30 said, "When Lishy was at the Water Park, she went on all the rides. She swam in all the swimming pools and slid down all the slides. She ran around and shouted out, “This place is really cool!” But Lishy turned red when someone said, “Your suit is in the pool!”
Alright, the one person who has me completely stumped. Will the unknown poet please come forward? This has to be someone who knew me as a SMALL child because not only do they know my childhood nickname, but they remember something that I have no memory of. If this happened any time after I was, say, 8, I'm sure I would have remembered it. Like, say, scarred for life. So my only guesses are Tami M.? Rachel H.?

Whew! That took forever and a day. Again, thank you SO MUCH for playing. I had a blast. I seriously recommend doing this on your blog, it's so much fun. Plus, I want to play next time.


Amy said...


Rachel said...

Hmmm #4 is not me. And it's not Amanda. That slumber party HAS stuck out in my mind as one of the most fun times I ever had at a church activity though. Apparently, I'm no the only one! My guess would be Ashley Henry or Lauren Fox? Or one of the Wilson twins? They all have blogs, so the possibilities are endless. :)

Alicia said...

hmmmm...thanks Rachel, I'll keep digging. :)

Shayla said...

I loved this little giveaway challenge, I've been waiting all day to see the results. So fun. I said I rank low on your book recommendations because I wasn't convincing enough to get you to read the Twilight series all on my had to wait and see that the rest of the world was reading them before you would. :-) Congrats to Michelle, Alicia makes the best cards...she's so creative.

Brenda said...

Well, #1 is a Brenda - it was me! You almost had it...

Marilyn said...

How fun Alicia. I just love you so much. And I can't wait to go to the movies with you! And soon too.

Lisa said...

Great idea for a post!

Davis Family said...

Looks like you switched the two Brendas around! (I was #17 and NEVER would have been so cheesy if I thought everyone would find out it was me :)

Kris said...

I'm impressed with this post. You did a great job with figuring out who all these clues were from. This was so fun. And Yes, I am commenter #28 too. I seriously couldn't sleep after I thought of something. And no I'm not bitter about the giveaway. It was fun!

Kris said...

I'm impressed with this post. You did a great job with figuring out who all these clues were from. This was so fun. And Yes, I am commenter #28 too. I seriously couldn't sleep after I thought of something. And no I'm not bitter about the giveaway. It was fun!

Amy J. said...

You still have some gaps to fill Alicia...that was a great idea for a post!

CeeCee and Rick said...

Of course I remember you!! I wanted Jimmy to marry you!!! hahaha. How are you? Your children are beautiful.. Thanks for letting me read your blog! I love it. Hopefully I can get better at this!! and I'll try and get some pictures up!!!! I'll talk to you soon. Glad we can keep in touch!! Oh and by the way, could you pick out of the hat next time for one of Amy's book give aways?? Mine should be the CRUMPLED up ball!!! hahahaha

michellemybelle said...

Way to go SUPERFUDGE! I've never won a blog give a way. i will email you soon, like tomorrow with my requests. Thanks.

ps. I guessed Mary Ann and Noelle right. Marissa through me for a loop because I did not know she existed in your blogging world, but I knew it had to be someone we grew up with. How fun.

michellemybelle said...

pss. I just bought my ticket to see Twilight at the opening midnight show at the Palms Casino IMAX screen.

Alicia said...

Twilight in IMAX??!! I hate you!! J/K
P.S. I need your address as well.

AOlson said...

I wish #23 was me, but it wasn't. I am totally flattered that you thought it might be me though. The honest truth is that I thought about leaving a comment but I couldn't come up with a good enough memory. All I could think of was, "You were my VT a long time ago." I thought it was kinda lame so I didn't post it. I guess that means I need to spend some time with you so that I CAN have some memories to post:)

Jodi said...

You're a great detective Alicia.

michellemybelle said...

is #23 amy landoni-buchanan?

Alicia said...

Michelle, I would say maybe, but she hasn't commented on my blog in FOREVER!!