Friday, October 10, 2008

One Word: HOT

Here are some new drool-worthy pics of Edward...and some chick.

I believe this is a still from the movie.
(He's looking at Bella like that, but really he's thinking of me.)

Only he could make fangs this sexy.

Be. Still. My. Heart.

Now someone come scrape me up off the floor.


Amy J. said...

Hubba Hubba...

Amy J. said...

Be still my heart...Oh wait...that would be Edwards heart that is still.

OK that was bad, really bad but I thought of it and thought it was funny til I typed it...Wow.

JenFielding said...

Alicia, you are so funny. I just don't react to things like this so I love to read your dramatic responses.

Crack-her said...

maybe I said it incorrect or portrayed the wrong message, sure it would be great if we all looked at our hubby's the same way! that is one reason I love books and movies, they give us reason to hope and something in LOVE to work for. A perfect type of love that comes with the most thrilling feelings and desires. sometimes, life just isn't that way, ya know?
love your heart that comes out in your words~

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Someone shake me...I am dead!

Jodi said...

YUM-ME!!! He always looks so intense! And you know, I've never thought of him with fangs...but I guess he has to have fangs. I'm so excited to see this movie!!