Thursday, March 20, 2008

And Then There Were Ten

No more cringing and wincing every time she performs.
Oh, who am I kidding? We always skipped over her performances.

I am thrilled with the Top Ten. Of all seven seasons of A.I.,
this is the first time I've ever thought I'd want to see the
Top Ten on tour. I've never liked so many of the Top Ten before.
This is not the order I think they will go. It is the order as I would
have them go, from most favorite to "why are you still here?"

LOVE HER. I know some people think she's too righteous and sweet,
but I disagree. I think she is confident and self-assured and truly happy
with her life. I love her personality, but more than that I love her deeper,
throaty voice. If she won (which she won't) I'd be a happy girl.

Can I just say how much I love him? His personality is the best.
He doesn't take himself seriously AT ALL, he's a total goofball without
being obnoxious. He's hilarious without meaning to, and he seems genuinely
uncomfortable with the limelight and "heartthrob" title. I love his laid back,
soft vocal style. If he won (which he won't) I'd be a happy girl.

This David has been a favorite of mine from the get-go. He has always
seemed very down to earth, very cool, unaffected by all the hype.
I love his Daughtryesque rocker style and I would buy his album in
an instant. I worry he's starting to let a little of it go to his head, but
I still love him.

How can you not love her voice? Her Irish brogue, her amazing
vocal skills...she rocks, basically. She is my husband's favorite and
I thought he might start crying last night when she wound up in the
bottom three. I was shocked and upset as well. She should never have
been there. Maybe we should actually vote for the people we like.

I don't think she'll make it much farther which I think is a shame.
I love this girl's voice. It doesn't ever sound like it should be coming
from her tiny little teenage body, but that doesn't change the fact that
baby girl's got skills. I think if she matured a little and realized what she
could really do with her voice she'd be perfection.

I maintain my original opinion: This kid annoys the crap out of me.
I can't stomach the spastic, goofy giggling and grinning and licking
of the lips. (Will someone please give him some chapstick?!) But,
I really love his voice and cannot deny his talent. I know he'll go far
because he's probably the biggest fan favorite, and I wouldn't be
(very) devastated if he won.

I really like this guy. I just love the accents and I LOVE his singing voice.
It often reminds me of Eddie Vedder and, also, I'm a sucker
for a hot guy who's married and devoted.

I think Syesha has a great voice. Beautiful.
But, nothing really that stands out. I'd never buy her album.
She's gorgeous, a sweet girl, and very talented. Just not a
personal favorite.

Ah, Chikezie. Fun guy. A little too fun for my taste.
I'm not a big fan of the jumping around the stage,
super hyper performances. He sings great, but doesn't
do anything for me.

Kristy: You have to learn the #1 Rule in American Idol:
If Simon says you're forgettable, you're forgettable.
And you, Kristy Lee Cook, are forgettable.

So that's this girl's take on Season 7 Top Ten.
What's yours?

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