Sunday, March 16, 2008

This Week in Hollywood...

Angelina Rumored to be Carrying Twins

Yeah, because single baby bumps are so 2007.
No way would Angelina be less chic than J.Lo.

The title of this picture read:
"Minnie Driver Discusses Baby Name Dilemma."

For one brief moment I sat in disgust, thinking, "When are these celebrities going to
stop with the ridiculous baby names? Seriously, who would name their baby Dilemma?"

Mary Kate Olsen. She's a billionare.

Why does she insist on looking like she hired her stylist from
the local homeless shelter?

Paris Hilton says she and Benji Madden are the "real deal."

She continued by saying, "Really, I mean it, he's the one. I really think
we could make it, like, a whole year."

Steve-o (of the show Jack@$$) laments to friends that he's
now paying the consequences of his years of self-destructive behavior.

Gosh, it's just too bad no one told him that drugs were bad for him.
Had he known this, I'm sure he would never have touched them, right?

Tune in next weekend to see what those crazy
celebrities are up to!


tharker said...

I love these posts Alicia. It's like our very own "Weekend Update", Movie Queen style. Perfect!

Lisa said...

Oh Boy!!! I've been waiting for this. The combination between celebrities and your clever wit is quite entertaining! Thanks for the post :)

Noelle said...

love your commentary after 'the facts'. i love reading blogs on sunday night. thanks!

meohmyers said...

So funny. The baby named Dilemma cracked me up!

debsters said... is no longer necessary for me to stay up to date, Movie Queen's got it covered. I don't know why I find this info. so fascinating.

Shayla said...

I could totally see it, too...Dilemma. Spelled with a capital E...DilEmma. Love these! Too funny.

dandee said...

Not sure what I would do without you...

Heather said...

Yeah, MK hair is gross.

PRP said...

Why does MK always look like that???? She's such a pretty girl but they always look like strung out meth addicts...

Alicia said...

Yeah, Karen, yours was better. That is exactly what they look like. Have they never heard of shampoo?

{ bRee } said...