Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rule of Thumb: Stay Clear of Door Jams

Never underestimate the power of sibling rivalry.
Last night at our house it resulted in this:

Macy slammed her door shut trying to keep Payson out,
unaware that his little thumb was in the door jam.
Took his thumbnail clean off in one piece. Not a pretty sight.

Four hours and three x-rays later we had one very bandaged,
thumbnail-less little boy, but no broken bones.

(These pictures were taken after the four hour ER visit
at 10:30 pm...having had no dinner. What a trooper.)

He does, however, feel the need to refer to the incident as
"when Macy shut the door on my thumb." Hey, if he had
to suffer through this, he sure as heck is gonna make sure
we know it was his sister's fault.

Now let's just hope that sucker grows back.

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