Friday, March 28, 2008

So Much To Blog, So Little Time

Update: Payson is doing great. He's already mastered taking off his pants one-handed so that we don't have to help him go to the bathroom anymore, and he loves showing off his hand and saying, "Look what the doctor did." The only problem is that we can't get his shirt sleeve over the massive cast. We'd have to cut it off, so we opted to just leave it on for the three days that he has to leave the cast on. So he went to preschool yesterday in the same shirt he wore there on Tuesday, the shirt he has also slept in the past three nights. I know, ew. Luckily he does not get stinky. He still has that nice baby quality that makes him always smell good. This morning we meet with his regular pediatrician and hopefully the cast will come off.

I don't want to let down any of my readers (this one's for you, Amy O.) so I thought I'd share a few of my thoughts on A.I. this week. Things have been so crazy I've only watched Tuesday's performances (what did we ever do without YouTube?), but not Wednesday's, so I have no idea who is gone. I know, I'm so out of it.

So I wasn't blown away (did I just sound like Randy?), other than David Cook's, which I know most of you have already commented on. It was amazing. I loved it. I have to admit I feel a little smug that he has been a favorite of mine since the beginning, and it seems like everyone else is just starting to like him. But it has been so interesting to see him sort of emerge out of nowhere and become one of the front runners. Everyone else's performances, I thought, were mediocre, including Brooke's, my favorite contestant.

Things have been sort of crazy lately. I've been wanting to post about The Other Bolyn Girl since seeing it Tuesday night, and I've just had no time. So sometime soon I'll write an update of Payson's hand after the doctor, my review of The Other Bolyn Girl, and This Week in Hollywood. Why does it seem like I only ever have lots of stuff to blog about when I have to time to do it?

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