Friday, March 21, 2008


Brad and Angelina donate $8 mil to charity

"Well," they said, "we wanted to do something meaningful
with our tax return."

Paris visits South Africa with boyfriend Benji Madden

She handed out autographed pictures of herself in a bikini.
No seriously. I'm not kidding.

Mary Kate has lunch with new mom Nicole Richie

Nicole was reported to have devoured her entire meal while
Mary Kate looked on. Traitor.

Pamela Anderson gets an annulment

She and Rick Salomon had gotten married just two months earlier
in Vegas during a 90 min. break between magic shows in which
Pamela was appearing. Gosh, if these two can't make it, what hope
do the rest of us have?

Vanessa Hudgens

Apparently the umbrella store was out of size "large."


Em and Ms said...

I love your Hollywood reviews! So much better than MSN gossip. You always have me laughing.

Lisa said... are on the ball!!! Friday night and your weekend post was already up. Thanks for keeping us entertained!

Heather said...

Seriously, those pictures will be so beneficial to those South African children. I can't think of a greater contribution.

Get over yourself, Paris!

Ms. Kristen said...

I commented on your last post! Sorry I have been bloggless this last week?

debsters said...

That tax return is a nice chunk. I'm curious Alicia, do they bug you? I actually think they are kinda' cool.

Alicia said...

Debie~ Confession: They don't bug me at all. I actually love them! Here are two of the biggest people in Hollywood who put family FIRST, every time, and are seriously using their celebrity status (and money) for good. I admire them so much. But as I'm searching for celebrity news to blog about, they pop up every time. It's shameless, I know. (FYI: a lot of the people I make fun of on here I actually like.)

{ bRee } said...

Too funny! I enjoy this section of your bloggie a ton!

Noelle said...

ha ha ha! large umbrella. ha ha ha. it's like on 'so i married an axe murderer' when he gets this HUGE coffee and he says, 'mam, i think i ordered the LARGE cappucino'. ha ha ha.

[M] said...

loved the tax return comment...for me it's an added incentive to have lots and lots of children. j/k

meohmyers said...

One more reason I can't stand Paris Hilton. What a joke.

Love your witty comments, again!

Jan said...

What is that called and Umbigabrella. It would be nice to have for certain things. Like family reunions when you only have one. Funny stuff Alicia. Paris just doesn't get it. Poor thing. Of all the pictures to choose.

Shayla said...

Seriously!? A picture of herself in a bikini? When I think she can't possibly get any more stupid... It might almost make sense if it were a bunch of men, but kids?! The looks on the kids faces says it all...they don't even seem to get it.

Sara said...

ahhhh, I love it.

tharker said...

I love that Vanessa Hudgens is like the size of a vanilla wafer, yet she has the hugest umbrella known to mankind. So funny!

I hope you keep up the weekend celebrity roundups for a very long time!