Thursday, March 6, 2008

Kim's MeMe

One of many things this chick and I have in common is how much we love MeMe's. Seriously, I can't get enough of them. I am so fascinated by what people choose to share with us and little things they feel, like, dislike, etc. LOVE THEM. So imagine my joy when she made up her own and asked that whoever wants to do it does it. So here it is:

I can

1. remember the most pointless, minor things
2. pick things up with my toes
3. understand most Spanish

I can't
1. roll my R's
2. tell people "no"
3. swim the correct way

I should
1. stop eating sugar
2. stop sucking on gum
3. do my calling more

I could
1. get so much more done in a day if I didn't take a nap
2. spend less time on the computer...but why?
3. be a serious go-getter if it weren't for my fears

I would
1. be halfway done with my novel if I wasn't such a self-critic
2. be skinny if I wasn't a sugar addict
3. have such closer relationships/friendships if I wasn't so insecure

I will
1. continue to wake up at 7:00 every morning for family scripture study (going on day 5!)
2. be in a movie one day
3. lose this day

I won't
1. ever portray myself as something better than I really am
2. ever stop worrying about my kids
3. ever stop loving movies

I want
1. to be financially free and secure
2. to be a size 4 again
3. stronger faith

I crave
1. Panda Express
2. donuts
3. passion and romance

I hear
1. the computer softly humming
2. My DVR ticking (they swore it would stop doing this...five years ago.)
3. cars driving outside

I smell
1. The Panda Express Bill just brought home
2. Orange Chicken
3. Mandarin Sauce

I see
1. A bright computer screen that is not helping my head
2. A somewhat picked-up family room
3. Hope for the future

I am
1. In constant wonder of this life and the life from which we came
2. learning to love myself
3. hungry

I was
1. a huge attention-seeker growing up
2. born on my due date
3. invited to my Senior Homecoming, and then uninvited. Yeah, nice.

I hope
1. my kids will always stay strong in the gospel
2. to get scrapbooking again soon
3. to finish reading the Book of Mormon this year...for the first time

I love
1. my family
2. hanging with the girls
3. my religion

I love her rules because I really don't like tagging people. If you want to do it, do it and we will love reading your answers!

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