Monday, May 12, 2008

My Weekend in Review

Friday night: Flicks With Chicks was a huge success.
Kim and I had a blast watching 27 Dresses together.
The best part was trying to jump start my van in the dark at 11:30
after the movie was done. Who knew Kim was such a mechanical genius?

Saturday: Finally mowed the lawn and got some yard work done.
I loved every second of it, except for the splitting headache I had when I was done.
The nap I took while my family went Mother's Day shopping was the best taste
of what was to come the next day.

Sunday: Mother's Day. Once again, my sweet family went all out.
All weekend Macy and Bill were whispering plans for my Mother's Day breakfast.
Macy repeatedly told me all day Saturday that I could sleep in as long as I wanted
the next day, until breakfast was ready. True to their word, they were busy as bees
while I snoozed in the next room. Not only did they make me the most amazing breakfast,
but Bill had the kids both bathed by the time I woke up. Happy Mother's Day to me!!!
(Bill knows his wife, and documented everything for me so I could blog about it.)

The Helpers.
(I'm not sure why they have forced half-smiles
in every picture, they really did have a blast doing this.)

Ready to eat!

The Finished Product.
It was sooooo good and the best Mother's Day present I could ask for.

Sunday night: Went to my mom's for a scrum-diddly dinner and celebrated
the May birthdays. Early celebrations are always fun. Came home and watched
a little Survivor (haven't watched the finale yet though, don't know who won,
don't spoil it if you know) then went to bed at 10:30, exhausted to the core.
Woke up at 2:00 when Payson threw up. Uh...Happy Mother's Day to me??

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