Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"The Swirl"

It's been called a tornado. It's been called a halo. It's been called Hurricane Katrina. But we fondly refer to it as

"The Swirl."
The swirl resides in the middle of Payson's forehead. When we buzz his head, you can't see it very much. But when his hair grows out...

We always know when it's time for a haircut, because everyone starts pointing it out, talking about it, putting their finger in it...luckily, Payson doesn't care. The weirdest thing for me is that Payson is the one known for it. What most people don't know is that both my kids have The Swirl. Obviously, Macy had it first, and was famous for her swirl as a baby. All the doctors and nurses commented on it in the hospital, and people would always comment on it when she was a baby.

And although Payson had it too, he didn't have enough hair to show it really.

As you can probably imagine, The Swirl made for some insanely crazy bangs on Macy. So when she was three we grew them out. Now her swirl is well hidden under that crazy mane on top of her head. She begs for bangs all the time. I tell her she can have them when she's 16. I figure by that time she'll be old enough to realize she can never have bangs, due to The Swirl. But poor Payson....he's cursed for life.

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