Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Results Are In

*Editors Note: Please excuse the absolute heinous spacing of this post. Blogger and I are going to have words.

Well, the end of this week is bittersweet. Bitter because my birthday is over and I HATE it when my birthday is over. Sweet because the stomach bug is gone (, pounding on wood) and I have the best birthday memories ever to sustain me for the next year til my next birthday. I truly have the best friends anyone could ever ask for.

So, I guess it's time for the big reveal. First I want to thank everyone who participated in my birthday quiz so much. It seriously was the best birthday present to me. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed reading your answers and maybe even more so, your fake names and trying to figure out who was who (before checking my email). My goal was to see how well everyone knew me, but I'm pretty sure I butchered that with my impossible questions. I went through and tallied up how many people got each question right, and threw out the ones that only 1-3 people got right, the ones I realized no one would have ever gotten unless they guessed. The interesting thing was, it didn't change who had originally scored the highest. So I guess I didn't need to worry about it after all! So, here are the winners. Yes, we have a three-way tie! (Well, 4 if you count Bill, who was Shavonda, but we're not going to. He better have known those answers!)

(in the order that they answered)

1. Anonymous 1st Commenter (my cousin Jen)

2. Boosie Bug (Marilyn)

    3. Big Momma (Kristen H.)

Yay to you all!!! You all tied with 6 correct answers (based on the original quiz, counting all the questions)! However, since a bucket of popcorn and a drink cost around $50 at the theater, I can only afford one winner. So, I am having a tie-breaker round.

I have temporarily deleted all of my movie reviews off of my blog, including my link list on the side. The person to name the most movies I've reviewed on my blog wins. However, if you put the answers in comments, it wouldn't make it very hard for the people following you to answer, would it? So, email me your answers. Remember, this is only for Jen, Marilyn, and Kristen, and you guys are on your honor to use your own memories! As soon as I have recieved all three answers, I'll post the winner. Woohoo, I am having too much fun with this.

So you wanna know the answers to my quiz questions? Here they are:

1. What is my favorite movie? D. I don't have a favorite movie It's the curse of being a movie critic, I guess.

2. What is my favorite carbonated beverage? D. All of the above First question I threw out. Apparently I only ever talk about Fresca.

3. What is my biggest pet peeve? B. Bad Drivers Second question I threw out. I guess it was pretty unfair of me to pick one when I have listed all of the answers as equal pet peeves before.

4. What is my preferred brand/flavor of gum? A. Extra Spearmint (green) Almost everyone got this right. Weird.

5. What is my favorite cereal? C. Honey Bunches of Oats Yeah, so I don't know what I was thinking on this one. I have never mentioned my favorite cereal, ever. Only my husband and Lisa L. got this right, and Lisa's was a lucky guess. Nice twy, Lisa, nice twy.

6. What is my favorite song? D. All of the above Oh, did the Britney Spears song throw you off? Nope, I was dead serious. Love. That. Song. (And I've even blogged about it before.)

7. What is my favorite color? B. Black Okay, so a few of the people who know me all too well came running at me with pitchforks and knives on this one. And they had every reason to. My favorite color is brown. What?! I know, I'm ridiculous. This is a classic example of how I overanalyze everything and it often leads to no good. I'll try and sum it up: So I went to put "brown" as my favorite color, and then stopped and thought, wait, I can't put brown, because back when I did my "Split Personalities" post (you know, the one with all the names, like my rockstar name and hippie name, etc.) I put "black" as my favorite color because I thought Black Whale sounded better than Brown Whale. (And black really is one of my favorite colors.) I didn't want to throw anyone off who may have remembered that, so I just put black as my favorite color. Not only did people totally call me on it, but it turns out, I did put Brown Whale after all. Seriously, I embarass myself. Often.

8. What is my favorite food? C. Fast If you didn't get this one right, lift up your right hand and hit yourself in the head with it.

9. What is my favorite pastime? A. Sleeping Another trickster. All of the choices are favorites of mine, but I thought everyone knew not much beats out sleep for me. Even going to the movies. I know, it's sad, but I love me some sleep.

10. If I were stranded on an island and could have only one item with me, what would it be? I couldn't choose one thing, so there really is no right answer. I really just wanted to see what everyone would come up with! I gave anyone a point for answering. I loved these answers, by the way!

And I'm sure you're all dying to know who was who, so here it is, in order of scores:

(Top four scorers listed above) Wishing I Was Still In My 20's (Tiffani) -5 D2theR2theM (Sara S.) -5 Lauren Conrad (Rachael) -5 LC Lover (Nicole) -5 Unmovie Queen (Heather B.) -4 Seriously?! (Shayla) -4 Anonymous 2nd commenter (???) -4 Lost My Marbles (Amy J. aka my sister) -3 Totally Guessing (Jessica T.) -3 Babybababoo (Jan) -3 Maxine Wayne (???) -3 Your Biggest Fan (Lindsay B.) -3 Crystal Chandalier (Lisa L.) -3 A Shot in the Dark (Brenda M.) -2 Coco Pop (Kim M.) -2 Mother of Monkeys (???) -2 Happy Day (???) -1

Those of you who still have not revealed your true identities to me, I'd love to know who you are! And again, thank you so much for playing, especially those who didn't think they'd ever win, I'm so glad you still played. Oh, and I have to give Honorable Mention to my two favorite answers to question #10: Heather's, about the lame Dharma Initiative movies, and Bill's for the the chapstick I could also chew on.

And because I don't think this post is yet long enough, I have to send you over to Jan's, in case you haven't seen it already. I was considering doing a This Week in Hollywood, but now I don't have to! Thanks Jan!

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