Thursday, May 1, 2008

So Long Brooke...

Well, she's gone, and even though I have been less than impressed with her as of late, I was still sad to see her go. Maybe it was her emotional goodbye, I don't know. It was sad. Even I was starting to get really tired of the sweet, innocent, vulnerable "I'm just human" personality. That wounded puppy look she always gave whenever she was being judged or interviewed...I was fully expecting her to be voted off last night. But I was surprised how much I actually cared when it was her name read and she fell apart. But I'm over it.

The odd thing is, as much as I've been into this season, I'm just lukewarm about it now. Not because Brooke's gone, but because I think I just like the contestants more as a whole. There's not any one person I absolutely love that I'm rooting to win. I started noticing it once Carly left. She wasn't my favorite (she was Bill's) but once she was gone, it was like the show become less interesting. And now with Brooke gone, the remaining contestants seem all the more boring. Syesha, Jason, Archuletta....they all bore me. So I guess I'm rooting for David Cook. I really think he should win, but it's not like waiting to see if Kelly Clarkson was going to win.

On a related note, what is Paula on? We just watched both shows last night, so I just witnessed her bizarre mix-up about the songs. She told Entertainment Tonight she got confused by having to write down notes, which they've never done before, and that her comments on Jason's non-existent second song were actually notes she had written about David Cook's performance (that they left her feeling empty). Trying to rescue her, Simon asked, "Paula, who was your favorite?" to which she responded: Cook. Apparently she loves it when performances leave her feeling empty. And did you all catch her call Syesha "Brooke"? I hope they start doing random drug tests at A.I.

And one last thing I have to vent about: what is with the waving arms? Every show, every song, Bill and I just moan and cringe at those cheesy arms waving back and forth, not even to the beat or in sync with each other. If the song is fast? Doesn't slow them down, they just wave faster, looking absolutely ridiculous. It couldn't be more annoying unless they put their arms around each other and starting swaying. Actually, that might be better then the arm waving. Every time they show it I want to bust out with a rendition of "We Are the World."

So there's this girl's opinion of American Idol to date. Will I be tuning in next week to watch the chaos and see which average contestant will be going home next? You betcha.

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