Friday, January 2, 2009

Just A Small Rhyme For 2009

Every year I do a poem about my New Year's Resolutions. (See here and here.) I can't break tradition, so here it is.

This year I will finish my book
and people will give it a look
"It's genius!" they'll say
and they'll read it and lay
all curled up in their library nook.

It's sure to become a best seller
bigger than even Old Yeller
I'm destined to be
the next Stephenie
(she'll feel bad, so please, no one tell her)

Then Paramount's certain to call
They'll want a release date next fall
They'll want me to star
(I'm the best choice, by far)
Soon I'll sign autographs at the mall

The critics will give rave reviews
It will say it all over the news:
This new actress we hear,
is soon to fill Kate Winslet's shoes

And then on that star-studded night
I will walk the red carpet with fright
Then they'll call out my name
and without any shame
I'll accept my award with delight

It looks like I'm gonna have a busy year. I'll send you a postcard. You know, from Hollywood.


Aubrey said...

Sounds like you are going to have an awesome year! And I am glad to hear that you will still be thinking of us little people from Hollyworld!

P.S. My favorite line is the autographs at the mall! hee hee

Lauren said...

That was genius. I tried writing a poem reflecting on all of my favorite moments of 2008, but failed miserably. You are my hero.

Dandee said...

I can't wait!

Noelle said...

this is awesome. good luck with your book. can't wait.

Lisa said...

You have a skill for writing...can't wait to read the book. Happy New Year Alicia.

Rachael said...

I LOVE your poems!! This year was hilarious, but I think I relate the most to 2007! That one totally made me laugh, and want to remove your name and post it on my blog! Happy New Year!

4starmom said...

You're so creative. After seeing your sidebar, I'm thinking I should add a "Watch me get fat!" to mine.

PRP said...

I was looking forward to this year's poem. Great job once again!

Noelle said...

NOOOO! start tomorrow - you just got an extra few days in of sweetness. :) please please do it with me! sugar free january rocks!

Amy J. said...

That...was...awesome. (Think Tommy Boy, Chris Farley and the deer scene.)

Marilyn said...

Alicia, your talent with rhyming completely astounds me. Seriously, I couldn't come up with something clever like this if my life depended on it.

Oh, and I am highly anticipating your novel and just wanted to offer my proofreading skills. I'd love a sneak peak when the time comes.

ashley said...

Ha! This is hilarious, can't wait to read your book someday! And see the movie!