Monday, January 12, 2009

The Post I Should Have Done Four Days Ago

She knew I had had a bad day.
She invited me out to lunch, but I couldn't go, due to a prior commitment.
So instead, she went shopping. For me.

She knew I would need this, for some fun, mindless entertainment
(and some good motivation)

She got me these

so I could do this, because she knows how much I love it

She got me these, for some warmth and comfort

and of course she knew I would need some of this, because,
how else would I relax?

She also knew I would need just a little bit of chocolate,
so she also got me my very favorite 100 calorie snack,
Mr. Salty chocolate-covered pretzels. I don't have a picture
of those. You can probably guess why.

She knows me.
She pays attention to details about me that not many people do.
She knew just what I needed for a pick-me-up.
She knew that when I came home and saw that red bag on my door,
that it would make my day.
And she was right.
Because that's how well she knows me.
She'll never know how lucky I feel
to call her friend.


Amy said...

How sweet! I need a friend like that!
p.s. Yes, it was the contest that I referenced you, because I stole your anonymous idea. Which I loved!

marisa said...

you are very blessed to have a friend like that! keep her close.

Ben and Alissa said...

Sorry you had a bad day a few days ago. Whenever you need to you could send the kids down the street to my house! I've sometimes needed a babysitter for Katie at last minute and thought of you but didn't know if that'd be asking too much. I don't know if your kids would want to play here, but I think we'd have fun and you could get a nap or something! Really! Just let me know, I'm practically home all the time.

Marilyn said...

A friend like that is PRICELESS!

tharker said...

You have a great friend indeed! I'm glad that you are so well taken care of, Alicia.

andrea said...

Oh, that was so sweet!! Nothing better than surprises, especially when you're feeling down. Hope it helped, you're so lucky to have such a great friend!!

PRP said...

Those are the best kinds of friends to have. I hope today is better!

Kristi said...

It truly is a blessing to have such considerate friends. I'm glad she was there for you!

Noelle said...

send her my way.
lovely friend.

Dandee said...

You really do have great friends.

I love that the treat bag included pens for your crossword. I can never find a pen when I need one.

Davis Family said...

Am I the only one going crazy not knowing who this wonderful friend is?? Or does everyone else know already and they are just not telling me? Oh well, glad she was there for you. Smile :)

hatch said...

Friends like that are the best!!!
I hope your days are going better.