Monday, January 19, 2009


I just saw that I was tagged for this a while back by my friend Andrea, so I thought I'd do it. Sorry Andrea, I promise it's only because your blog is private and not in my Google Reader.

8 Favorite Shows:

I don't think I have 8 favorite shows. This will be tough.

1. The Office
3. Grey's Anatomy
4. Lost (although it's very close to becoming ix-nayed off my ist-lay, we'll see how the new season is.)
5. American Idol
6. Scrubs
7. Saturday Night Live
8. Survivor (although my stupid dish provider doesn't carry its network anymore, WTC?!)

Ah, look at that, I came up with 8. (I almost put Friends, but it's not on anymore. Still, it's the best.)

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Went to church by myself
2. Took a nap--I know, weird.
3. Went to my mom's for dinner...yum.
5. Watched Flight Plan with Bill (good flick)
6. Wrote a blog post early, early in the morning
7. Read blogs
8. Contemplated on how I can better keep the Sabbath Day Holy.

8 Things I Look Forward to:
1. Reaching my goal weight
2. Spring
3. End of cold/flu season
4. Weekends
5. GNO's
6. Bill being done with school
7. Getting published one day
8. Cuddles from my kids

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1. Red Robin
2. Olive Garden
3. Red Lobster
4. P.F. Changs
5. Famous Daves
6. Chicos Tacos
7. Taco Bell
8. Pretty much any restaurant

8 Things on My Wishlist:
1. To be healthy and feel like a normal 29 year old.
2. To be content with my life and find joy in the journey
3. To be the wife and mother my family deserves
4. To have a normal amount of fears and deal with them in the normal way
5. To get published
6. To be in a movie one day
7. To have a clean house...always. Who am I kidding, I'd settle for some of the time.
8. To be more secure with myself

8 People I Tag:
1. Whoever
2. Wants
3. To
4. Do
5. This
6. Feel
7. Free
8. To


Amy J. said...

Wow...two tags within a 24 hour period, I think all the comments are going to your head! :)

I didn't know Scrubs was even still on! Everytime I have seen that show I have enjoyed it.

I don't think you are allowed to put down wanting to be published more than 1 time on this tag. (Just kidding)

Alicia said...

Sorry, Amy, next time I'll run my posts past you before I post them.
And Scrubs is on again, not still. NBC dropped them and ABC picked them up. They had had their series finale and everything and now they're back.

PRP said...

I love reading these tags and yet I never do them myself...maybe I'll rethink that!

tharker said...

I was ready to write off Lost up until last season. I really enjoyed most of it. I'm hoping that this season is a good one.

Your favorite restaurants list is making me hungry. Red Robin Fries and a Milkshake....Mmmmm.

Marilyn said...

A fun read. Love ya Alicia!

Marilyn said...

Oh, and thanks for clarifying the scrubs thing in your comment...I had no idea that ABC had picked up the show, but was wondering why it was still on with new episodes. I'm the brilliant one who didn't even notice it was another network.

JenFielding said...

You only wrote down 7 shows :)

Alicia said...

Duh--thanks Jen! I always do that somehow when I do these things, I have no idea how. I guess I can officially put Friends in there, then! Jen, you always got my back (wink, wink)

Lauren said...

I love eating. I don't think I could list only 8 restaurants.

I hope you get published one day, too!

Rachael said...

When are we ever going to make it to one of those yummy restaurants???? Seriously!

Lisa said...

I love reading these tags!
And I am with ya on The Office. One of the funniest shows...ever!

Heather said...

I'm still laughing at WTC. I haven't ever seen it written that way and I'm dying!! Really, I know I'm retarded.

I'm hungry, thanks for reminding me all the places I shouldn't eat at.

Yeah, LOST had better produce something good or I'm gonna be pissed with a capital P.

hatch said...

I like reading these tags. I think that they are a fun way to get to know people better.

This was a fun read thanks Alicia!

andrea said...

That's a fun post to read. What did you think of the Lost season premiere?