Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Hey, remember this?

Miley Cyrus and boyfriend

Boyfriend: "Check out my arm. When I wear this tighty whitey t-shirt
and hold it like this, I can pretend I have muscles."

Miley: "Oh my gosh, I was totally just thinking the same thing
about my padded push-up bra and this tank! I'm not feeling the
smurf hat, though."

Boyfriend: "What, and you think you look hot with your
farm girl braids? Oh, and Ashton Kutcher called. He wants his hat back."

Victoria Beckham

"Hello? No, I can't hear you, Mum, it's dreadful reception.
I'm just on my way to the lou. You...you can't find your what?
Your fox? No, I haven't seen it, mum, I have no idea where your
fox is. Gotta go, bye Mummy."

Kanye West

Kanye: "I am blowing the roof off this joint in my sneaker/jacket combo."

Guy next to Kanye: "Your shoes are extremely red."

Kanye: "Ain't nobody up in here lookin' as fly as I do, that's fo sho."

Guy: "But...your shoes are....red. You look like you should
be carrying a tiny dog around in a picnic basket."

Kanye: "Fah real, tho, dawg. My outfit's off the hook, right? You feel me?"

"Dude, even the guy behind us with the ridiculously large glasses
looks better than you in those red shoes."

Two people from the new 90210 show whose names I don't care about

Girl: "Look at us holding hands and gazing longingly into each other's eyes."

Boy: "Yeah, it's like we're on the show, but we're not."

Girl: "Yeah, cause like, we're a couple in real life, and on the show."

Boy: "Yeah. Cool."

Girl: "Look how adorable you are with your jeans sagged down past your butt,
just like how guys wore them back when the first 90210 was on the air."

Guy: "Yeah, I never see anyone else wear jeans like this anymore, but if it was
cool back then, it has to be cool now, right?"

Girl: "Of course. Dylan and Brenda would be so proud of us right now."

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo

Hey, Nick. Vanessa.
You gotta let us in on the joke.
What are you laughing about?

Oh, right.


Elise Peterson: said...

Oh my gosh, Jessica Simpson is wearing mom jeans!! That is too funny. And yet not surprising in the slightest :)

MichelleB said...

so funny! Why does she need 2 belts?

Rachael said...

That is some funny stuff! Seriously, by far one of your best "This Week in Hollywood". Loved it.

{ bRee } said...

HA HA! That was great! I loved Elise's comment on the "mom jeans"! Have you seen that SNL sketch for Mom Jeans. HILARIOUS!

Once again, kudos on the week in hollywood! LOVE IT! KISS KISS!!!

lindsay>boo said...

What a fun way to start off the morning! Hilarious!

Seriously though, what is up with Jessica's mom jeans?

Brenda said...

I am still laughing about the guy in the back with the huge glasses...and....should I not be wearing jeans like that anymore?

andrea said...

Alicia, remember all those long talks we had making fun of Brenda's jeans? I think you picked the perfect way to tell her they're gross. Now the responsibility is off my shoulders.

I loved your Kanye... is it considered an impression? Anyway, it was hilarious.

meohmyers said...

Oh my gosh. I think this was your best one ever. I laughed out loud at every single one of them! So funny! You need to publish all of your This Week In Hollywoods as a coffee table book or something. I'd buy one!

Sara said...

That was so great, I miss getting my weekly update from you.

Noelle said...

holy moly you make me roly (with laughter).
you are not only the queen of movies, you are the queen of details. i would have never noticed that guy behind kanye with those HUGE glasses. why are those back in style? why oh why?

Anonymous said...

You never let me down Alicia. Thanks for making me laugh today!
ps. does your husband work for Pepsi? if so, i saw him at target today, if not...he has a twin!


AOlson said...

Truly talented!! This was "off the hook yo"!! Every one of those was just PERFECT!

Ben and Alissa said...

Very funny! I like the Kanye one with the kick right at the end about the guy in the big glasses. It was hilarious!

tharker said...

I'm so happy to see This Week in Hollywood make a come back!

You are so dang funny, Alicia!

What IS up with Jessica and her crazy 2 belts and the jeans up to her boobs?

Natasha said...

How do you do it? So dang funny!

dandee said...

You just made my night. I don't even know what else to say. It was all PERFECT!

PRP said...

Peed on myself a bit...


Lisa said...

sweet nibblets...i need to find out where miley got her bra, fo sho! i bet vanessa is thinking jess would've been the perfect contestant for 'true beauty'!!! well done, dalicia!

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Ah poor Jessica...

LOL at Miley's bedazzled hat!