Sunday, February 24, 2008

And The Oscar Goes To........

It's that time again.
The biggest night in Hollywood.
Usually the day I anticipate with glee,
the day I spend all giddy,
counting down the clock til they roll out the red carpet.

But this year.....
not so much.
I feel like a part of me has died,
like I'm a traitor to the crown.
(Do you think they'll de-throne me?)

I've pondered my change of heart all month
and this is what I've come up with:

1. The Writers' Strike.
Seriously? What else could they ruin?
First they take away all the good TV and now my love of the Oscars? I think it's safe to blame all of the world's problems on the Writers Guild now, from Global Warming to Britney Spears.

The nominees. I can't even tell you who has
been nominated
because they all starred in movies
I've never heard of. I hate that,

when the Best Picture Nominees are all
Rated R indy flicks that no one
has ever heard of or cares about. Did any of these ever even make it to our theaters? I know there are some exceptions (Yay, Juno!)
but the rest just
make it so hard to care.
I haven't even summoned the desire to Google the nominees.

Now you know how bad it is.

You have NO IDEA what this is doing to me. Watching the Oscars DVR'd, to me, is like missing my baby's first steps
in real life and having to watch it on video.

What is the point?
It's all said and done.
I have to be there, up to the minute, IN THE NOW.
As luck would have it, I didn't even go to church today.
I'm home with
Pukey Pukerson #4 (Yup, four people
in our house, four weeks, four cases of the flu).

And there is no family dinner tonight.
So that eliminates two of my three scheduling conflicts!

But there is NO WAY I can miss my
song practice/dress rehearsal for Stake Conference

at 6:30. It's like I'm being tested.
It's like someone's dangling the forbidden fruit
in front
of me, daring me to eat it.
Just kill me now.

Oh, Oscar, why must you torture me so?


Ms. Kristen said...

Could be are time of life....sick kids.....writers are not dethroned! You are still the Movie Queen to me!

Brenda said...

I am so glad that you are not considering ditching me tonight! I can barely get the part with you singing with me but I am lost on my own! Good luck with the sick kids.

Nicole said...

Please tell me it's Bill who is sick - since he's the only one of you we didn't see and touch on Friday!

Alicia said...

Um...Nicole...I would love to tell you that...but I'd be lying.

tharker said...

Am I even reading the right blog???

Is it Opposite Day?

Who are you and what did you do with the real Movie Queen?


I agree with all of your reasons for not getting into the Oscars. I think the Writers Strike cast a big fat grey cloud over all things TV-ish for me this year. Which I guess is a good thing, cuz I sure watch A LOT less of it now.

I hope the pukes are over very soon!

Jan said...

Yes its been a dry spell for sure.
Didn't even go there (oscars). To political for me to swallow anymore. Does anyone like the show CornerGas? Or are we the only ones. Love the new look.

Marilyn said...

I watched and I liked it. Even though half the movies are rated R, I just love hearing acceptance speeches. They inspire me.

I love the montages, I love the musical performances, I LOVED Jon Stewart. He was so funny. I love the dresses. I just love it.

Kristi said...

I'm not really interested in the Oscars precisely because I have no idea about 95% of the movies nominated, let alone the stars! I used to be so in to all of that, but somewhere along the line, I sort of fell off the planet.