Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Musings

Well, I guess my movie-lovin' self will always come through. I loved the Oscars, every minute of it. (Okay, that's a lie. I skip over all the technical crap...really, does anyone care about those ones?) As soon as it started I was whisked away into my love affair with Hollywood. The women looked gorgeous, Jon Stewart was HILARIOUS, and the 80 year celebration brought with it several montages that showed us all the winners of the past 80 years. Those were the best parts. I loved seeing each winner and remembering when they won. (Well, at least the ones for the past ten years.) And, I only had to watch it on an hour and a half delay, so that's not too bad. At least I could skip all the categories and speeches I didn't care about. The only downside was Juno's lack of wins. I was sooooo disappointed that Ellen Page didn't win Best Actress, but not surprised. I was thrilled that it won Best Original Screenplay, though. Other than that, there was nothing and no one that I was excited about. But I still loved every minute of it.

So today is a typical Monday morning, I'm on the computer and Payson is laying on the ground playing Transformers. He has been cracking me up lately with the stuff that's been coming out of his mouth. (Okay, I just re-read this and thought that considering what he did all weekend, that might have been poor word choice.) Last week we were grocery shopping, just me and him as usual, and we were looking at all the toothpastes trying to pick a new one for him. The "boy" toothpastes were limited, with Cars and Spongebob being the only two options. I quickly directed him towards the Cars one (I'm not a big fan of Spongebob). He took it off the shelf and looked at it, then looked at me and asked, "Does it taste like Piston Cup?" I have no idea where that came from, but I thought it was pretty hilarious.

Soon we'll eat lunch, take our naps, then get Macy from school. I really need my nap today, as I was up til 2:30 last night reading Nicholas Sparks'
Dear John. It's soooo good. And I'm babbling.

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