Friday, February 8, 2008


I feel like I'm trapped in a tornado. My house hasn't stopped shaking and rattling in three days. Everything is so loud it makes it hard to sleep. Macy even came in early this morning and said the wind woke her up and wouldn't let her sleep. Seriously, what is with all the wind? It's given me more of an excuse to sit around and do nothing. Who wants to go outside in this? So Payson and I are sitting here watching our second movie of the day (it's 11:00). We did just get dressed, though, so, kudos to us. I wonder how much more I can squeeze out of the Sick Card. Technically I've been better for 32 hours, but, who's counting? "Recuperation" + blustery days = a very lazy me. So....when's nap time?

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