Sunday, February 18, 2007

Big FAT Failure

This week was a great reminder why "just this once won't hurt" does hurt. It started with me getting sick. When I am sick, everything goes out the window, first of all diets. I am a miserable sick person, and I will do whatever it takes to feel better. This means fast food. Fast food always makes me feel better. Yes, there were times I was so nauseaus that the thought of greasy food made me feel worse, but I knew I had to eat something and I knew it would taste good and I didn't have to cook it. Although I was eating half the amount as usual because of loss of appetite, I was eating carbs soaked in grease. This does not bode well for the diet.
I obviously haven't learned from past mistakes. Every time I allow myself to cheat thinking it won't make a difference, not only DOES it make a difference, but it gets me out of the zone, and I have to start back over at square one to get in the weight-loss mind frame.
Basically what I'm saying is, even after I got better, I was still on the fast food joy ride. Which turned into the ice cream movie snack joy ride, which turned into me gaining FIVE POUNDS this week. FIVE!!! By tomorrow I am sure it will be six, and I am so excited to report to everyone that I officially gained back all that I've lost during this competition in ONE WEEK.
Everything down the drain. So, I wanted to just get it over with and announce to everyone that tomorrow the results will have a fatty +5 or 6 next to my name. There, I said it. Whew.
So, tomorrow starts the second attempt at losing weight in this competition, and at least now I have learned my lesson, and even if I am dying from leprosy I will not stray from the healthy path. Dieting sucks. I just really like food.

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