Monday, February 26, 2007

Wretched, Wretched DVR

To combat the Monday morning blues, I thought I'd give you all a laugh at my expense.
Picture me, sitting on my couch in complete bliss, watching the Oscars be handed out, one by one. Finally, after two hours, they finally start getting to the good stuff. I watch Jennifer Hudson make a very shocked, emotional acceptance speech (totally awesome) for Best Supporting Actress and Alan Arkin (who?) read his off a paper, word for word, robotically, for Best Supporting Actor. Then Best Adapted Screenplay, etc.....okay, we're getting closer. Aaaannnndddd.......that's when my DVR screen pops up, that has a brief description of what you've been watching and then has the options down the side like "delete" or "playback". You know, the one that pops up when the thing you recorded has ended.
I looked at Bill (who had recorded it for me). I looked back at my tv screen. I went into my recorded shows and quickly hit the next one that said "Academy Awards: Arrivals" but it started a half hour after the Oscars ended.
Bill, in all his sweet attempts to help me, had set the DVR to record the Academy Awards, as it was shown on the guide page. For some stupid reason, it was shown as only being three hours long, ending at 8:30, followed immediately by Barbara Walters' thing. He didn't think I wanted the Barbara Walters thing, so he skipped it and set it to record the Academy Awards: Arrivals (whatever that was) that was after it.
So that was where my Oscar night ended. After three hours, just before the good awards started. I was in shock. I pathetically kept trying things on my DVR as if it would suddenly magically appear. I even cancelled DVR which took me back to live TV which had been set on the same channel the whole time and tried "rewinding", but it didn't work.
I was so furious, not at Bill but at the whole stupid situation, and in disbelief that the one night a year that I have a little excitement in my life, got cut short and robbed of all the best parts. I was in the worst mood, and my head was killing me (typical Sunday headache) so I got online and dejectedly read who had won, and went to bed. At 10:30.
So Oscar and I are not on such good terms, and I'm still very bitter. As I no longer feel qualified to give a review of the show, I will at least list the winners. (See supporting role winners above.)
Actor in a Leading Role: Forest Whitaker for The Last King of Scotland

Actress in a Leading Role: Helen Mirren for The Queen
Directing: Martin Scorsese for The Departed (his first Oscar ever after a ton of nominations, followed immediately by his second...)
Best Picture: The Departed

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