Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscar, How I Love Thee

One day a year,
5+ hours devoted to nothing but movies.
All the A-list actors and actresses
dressed in clothes worth more than me
walking the red carpet
all praying they'll be the one
to go home with the gold statue.
Tears of joy, long-winded speeches,
everything about it makes me dream
of walking that red carpet one day.
I think I'll go practice my
acceptance speech.


Noelle said...

alicia - since both you and i (not sure why me since i dont' have the same fasination with the hollywood scene as you do) dream of walking down the red carpet; have you ever thought about what your dress would look like? i have thought about it and it's a little tricky in our religion department but i think that i've thought of some pretty good ones. what about you?

[M] said...

you should write a review of the oscars, I get too bored and can't watch the whole thing...

Alicia said...

I will absolutely write a review of it tomorrow (or tonight) and I always have to do something like cross-stitch during all the boring ones like "best art direction" and "costume design". Noelle, oddly enough, I haven't thought of that part. Mostly I think about me walking while everyone shouts my name to get me to turn so they can take my picture. Yup, I'm just that vain.

PRP said...

I totally agree Alicia! I LOVE the Oscars and since I stayed home with a sick Sienna and a sick me today, I've been watching all the pre-Oscar coverage for hours. I don't know what it is but I love the whole thing. We'll have to chat about it tomorrow...

Noelle said...

well, i watched all of it except for the part that was at the same time as the amazing race (my favorite show - and yes rob and his wife should win) and it was pretty good becuase they put in all those musical numbers in between. weren't those dancers amazing? off to bed. i have a diet to start tomorrow. anyone else want to join in?

Marilyn said...

Alicia, I though about you all evening yesterday and how happy you must be to be watching the Oscars. I am looking forward to your reviews!

dandee said...

Alicia I NEED your review! I missed the Oscars! Usually I hear when they are coming, but for some reason this year I had no idea that Sunday was the day and I completely missed it all! Help Me!