Thursday, February 1, 2007

Paying Homage to My Favorite Spaz

I always want to update my blog but I never have anything to say. I love how Danyelle does a little something every day, not anything big, but totally enjoyable to read, with an accompanying picture. So I'm going to copy her, since I think we have all agreed that in the blogger world, at least, it's complimentary and acceptable to copy one another.
So....since none of you know the real Bill, the one that isn't hidden behind shyness and fear of attention, I thought I would give you a little taste of the wonder that is Bill. It's seriously a shame that me, Macy, and Payson are the only ones that get to enjoy his twisted sense of humor.

Here my husband decided to show the kids what
would happen if you fell asleep while eating.

During a bonfire dinner of hotdogs and marshmallows,
Bill suddenly realized there was a camera present and saw an opportunity.

Macy was playing photographer and Bill
was doing his best model pose.

This isn't one of his best, apparently
he was having an "off" day.

My brother Ryan used to do this to freak me out, and I hated it. As luck would have it, I married a man with the same ability and affinity for doing it. It doesn't even phase my kids anymore.

So that's my crazy husband. See how much fun we have at home? Now the next time you see the shy guy at get-togethers sitting there all alone not talking, just picture him with Thousand Island all over his face.

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