Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Death to Blogger

I give up. I am the most retarded person when it comes to blogger. I had no idea I was so dumb, until good old blogger came along. Not only can I not figure anything out on my own where other people seem to whip up their blogs highlighted with all the fancy extra features in one afternoon, I can't even figure out how to do something once somebody has walked me through it step by step. If I fail at trying to figure out how to do one more thing on here that someone has said is "way easy" to do, I'm seriously done blogging. I feel so freaking incompetent!!
Can I figure out how to link someone's name so that you can get from my blog to theirs in a single click? Nope. Can I install the music codes once someone has walked me through it? No, the music keeps stopping. Installing a stat-counter when it tells you in detail how to install it? Nope, no where to be found on my blog. I am seriously ready to scream. I think I am a fairly intelligent person but apparently I am technologically-challenged.
I think I am going to try veering the world backwards, back to when we wrote on good old fashioned paper and called each other on the phone. At least I knew how to punch seven numbers and voila! there was that person I wanted to speak to. Stupid computers. Stupid blogs. Everything's stupid. I need to go to bed.

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