Monday, February 19, 2007

Color Wonder Confessions

I have a new hobby. It is coloring Crayola Color Wonder pictures. It's become almost an addiction. I have no idea why. I bought some for Payson for Christmas, a Cars one and Thomas the Tank. I sat down with him a few days after Christmas and started coloring.
For those of you who don't know the magic of Color Wonder, the markers are all clear on the inside, but when touched to the Color Wonder paper, the ink turns the color that is indicated on the outside of the marker. So your child can only color on Wonder Color paper, and not the walls or his face. It's really nice if your toddler wants to color with markers.
What they don't tell you, though, is how much fun you'll have doing it. I know it would seem like it's just coloring with markers, but it's not. There's just something about coloring with the clear marker and not seeing anything for a few seconds, and then voila! the color appears.
More exciting than that is that they've "whited" out certain pictures on the page, so that you'll be coloring along and suddenly a picture appears out of nowhere. It's like this unexpected surprise! (Bubbles on Ariel's arm and hair) Or they'll do the opposite, they'll hide a picture within a whited out area so you color over it and suddenly the picture appears. (See Flounder in the background?)
I thought it was fun coloring cars and trains, although the colors were pretty limited. And then I got Macy a girly one so she didn't have to do the cars and trains. And suddenly I can't stop. The new color possibilities are endless! I'm going to have to buy Macy a new book! Every time I walk past it on the kitchen table I sit down and start coloring. I'll finish one and say "This is the last one" and next thing I know I'm flipping the pages for another good one to color. I need help. I really do. But isn't it a pretty picture?

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