Tuesday, February 27, 2007


After reading Sarah's post about having a PMA (positive mental attitude), I took a look at all the things that have been getting me down lately and tried to turn them into positive things. So here goes:

1. After over a month of the Biggest Losers competition, I have lost a total of two pounds and have for some reason reached a point where all I think about is food. Every second. Every day is a battle to not eat everything in my kitchen.
PMA: I am teaching my daughter to have a healthy body image by not being rail thin. Real women have curves, right?

2. Payson has decided that everything out of his mouth will be back-talk and that he will do the exact opposite of what I tell him to do. He throws everything.
PMA: He is independant, out-spoken and a non-conformist. May have a future career as a quaterback.

3. Macy has started pulling out her eyelashes again after five months of letting them grow back to normal.
PMA: Who needs eyelashes, really? I mean, come on, what are they for?

4. I have no desire or willpower to clean my house or do anything, really.
PMA: I don't over-do things and wear myself thin trying to be the perfect housewife. (My husband LOVES this about me.)

5. I have almost no "me" time and am never alone. I don't even do my hobbies anymore.
PMA: No one wants to be lonely, it's good to be surrounded by family. Hobbies can be expensive.

Oh, who am I kidding? I am in a major slump right now and I don't know why or how to get out of it. Any suggestions? (And don't bother with "up your meds". I'm already on the maximum dose. I know, how depressing is that?)

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